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We all assume we control the direction of this country, but we'd be wrong to believe that. The State of Corruption is for our Political system and Parties in Power to make us think we control the outcome, unfortunately we don't.

In a world where we know in our gut that things have gone way off the rails there are only two ways to truly control our own destiny...We either RISE and start the next Violent REVOLUTION to take our country back by force OR...we take back our destiny by controlling own own personal lives and the bubble we live in.

Lets focus on the latter...

How does one create a sense of hope in a country that is falling a part at the seams...there is utter corruption bursting from every corner of the Country...When it comes to the STATE OF HAWAII it is a FAILED STATE!

How can one remove themselves from the fabric of a State filled to the brim with Corruption and Fraud along with a Political party DRUNK ON POWER?

If you have been following our Blogs over the last few years some serious issues to come mind when looking deeper into the 50th State...mind you...STOLEN from the Hawaiian people in 1893 and finalized in 1959. This State has never been legit and considering the corruption taking place on this small chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific, the Politicians think they can get away with it.

The STATE of CORRUPTION is so bad in Hawaii because there is no CHECKS and one looks into the corruption except for the people corrupting! How does a Political Party who Champions so many Liberal issues be DEAD LAST in all of them? Simple...Corruptions and Lies!


What the Liberals Champion

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed a LOW COST OF LIVING for the average Joe...if that is so why does Hawaii have the HIGHEST COST OF LIVING in the Country?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed AFFORDABLE HOUSING for the average Joe...if that is so why does Hawaii have NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING for the hard working middle class?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed PEOPLE FIRST not GREED...if that is so why does Hawaii put TOURISTS over the LOCAL PEOPLE?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed a greener world...if that is so why does Hawaii have have some of the worst OVER DEVELOPMENT and THEFT of AGRICULTURAL LAND?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed Higher paying Jobs and Minimum wage increases...if that is so why does Hawaii have some of the LOWEST PAYING JOBS in COMPARISON to HAWAII'S HIGH COST of LIVING?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed jobs for lower and middle class...if that is so why does Hawaii have the #1 INHOSPITABLE ATMOSPHERE for SMALL BUSINESSES who wish to give these exact people jobs?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed raising the minimum wage and reaching more economic equality...if that is so why does Hawaii NEED a $36.00 MINIMUM WAGE to survive and have basic needs met in Hawaii?

-The Political Party that has ruled Hawaii for 50-60 years has championed Education and paying teachers a living wage...if that is so why does Hawaii have THE WORST EDUCATION SYSTEM in the UNITED STATES and pays teachers some of the Lowest Wages in the country for a State that has the HIGHEST COST OF LIVING!

The Political Party in Hawaii also has:



-RAMPANT POLLUTION and SEWAGE PROBLEMS within the city limits








What this tells us as a tax payer and pono member of Hawaii's society is that there is very little hope for change until a scare is put into the Political establishment...

Does that mean to show a form of force...No...not yet...but I can say with certainty that if the US Military wasn't here we would have already had a violent takeover of these islands by the Hawaiians and anyone who stood up with them or had enough of the corruption of this state...The Political officials, law and bill makers are very very lucky they have the US MILITARY only a short distance away to stop an overthrow, because if there was a single State that a REVOLUTION would would be HAWAII! the Politicians YOU DON'T NEED THEM!

So if this is the case and there is very little hope for change what are your options?

The options have always been there...STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX...make some hard choices and decisions for you, your family and friends.

GO OFF GRID...get away from the SOCIAL STRUCTURE HOLDING YOU BACK....take control of your life, control your own destiny...DON'T let the corrupt State and it's corrupt politicians and laws AFFECT YOU!

It's NOT IMPOSSIBLE to do this...

1.) Purchase an acre of land (Try at least an acre)

2.) Build a small tiny 400-1200 square foot Container home

3.) Put wheels on each 400 square foot container

(* this ensures it's mobile and has a compost toilet...far less regulations and laws...Park them and put them anywhere on your plot of land...go and come as you wish )

4.) OFF GRID SYSTEM: Solar, Water Catchment, and a Tesla Powerwall


6.) Put in a DIRT ROAD and keep your home(s) to the back of your property

7.) Have a SECURE GATE and FENCE around your Property.

8.) Have NO TRESPASSING SIGNS (KAPU) ensuring the perpetrator that if they come onto your private property they will be shot!

GOING OFF GRID can take you away from SLAVERY, CORRUPTION and the SOCIAL STRUCTURE in place today that will only be getting worse over time by our corrupt political overlords...You will WORK MORE, you will WORK HARDER, you will NEVER HAVE free time for yourself or your children and you will DIE YOUNGER filled with stress and regret...You will continue to be a SLAVE to the system and the people running it and controlling it with utter contempt and corruption.

If you wish to continue down that path, then do so, but if you are questioning your own sanity and future...if you are worried what will come of it...what will come of your children's future...will you ever be happy...will you ever be free of stress...will you ever be able to start the rest of your life? If these questions enter your mind then you need to sit down with yourself and your loved ones and start questioning if the system in place is working for you...

If it's not then STAND THE FUCK UP and say enough is enough and do something about it...CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION...DETACH YOURSELF from the Socially structured system that has HELD YOU IN CHAINS since your parents gave birth to you!

AWAKEN and change your future...if you do it, others will do it...if others will do it...even more will see the rewards of taking back their own lives and putting it back in their own hands instead of the corrupt structure and political system we live in...

If you don't do it now...when? YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!

Take the time to get a jump start on learning about living off grid and download our will be the inspirational Foundation to take control of your life and leave this corrupt world behind!

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