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Wind Power

Wind Power in Hawaii

“Although Wind Turbines will produce lots of energy off shore, because of the ocean winds, the negatives seem to be substantial in the eyes of the community and so the Wind Farm controversy continues in Hawaii as Wind farms have slowed in development on the islands.”

Wind power will be a great backup plan if your solar system was to go down for a short or extended period of time. This renewable energy source can also be used as a great supplemental system to work with solar or to power a smaller part of your property like a small cabin, a tree house, garage or barn.

Wind farms have been around Hawaii for a long time. Some have been great success stories and others monumental failures.


Large wind turbines are just not that reliable, have expiration dates and are dependent on wind so they are a variable energy source. In ways commercial wind turbines have been a good thing for Hawaii when it comes to renewable energy, but unfortunately it has also been a topic of controversy.

"In Hawaii wind turbine farms are BIG and they take up a HUGE amount of space. They ruin the landscape and views of the untouched wilderness and ocean, decrease property prices, kill indigenous and migratory birds and bats, harm and disrupt fishing grounds, surfing and tourism."

When it comes to personal and private smaller wind turbines,  there is no controversy when you only have a few small turbines on your own property or land. They are a great form of alternative energy to work with your solar when the sun isn’t out.

“Solar will be your main energy source while wind will be your supplemental energy. This would be considered a hybrid renewable energy system for living off grid where you have multiple sources of power.”

Currently the best application of wind is to use it when your solar panels are not collecting sun on a cloudy rainy day or night. Wind can take place anytime day or night. When hooked up to a battery bank or a Tesla Powerwall unit, it can  supply energy to either one of these power systems when solar cannot.

You are going to have a few options on your property for a personal wind turbine:  a roof top wind turbine system (will not produce as much renewable energy) or a large self standing tower system on your land (will produce an good amount of renewable energy).


Just be aware that the higher the tower, the more energy you will get from it.  There will be less obstruction from your surroundings and wind flow is faster at higher heights...

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