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Farming Animals

Farming Livestock in Hawaii

“I am 110% against any factory farming in every sense of the word as factory farming contributes to some of the worst pollution and unsustainable practices the world has ever seen!”


Times have changed, not only in the United States, but the world when it comes to livestock. We've taken our HUMANITY out of it, as well as our love and kindness to treat all beings with dignity and respect.


The animals we raise, may it be as friends or food, should be given the same love and respect for their purpose in life as we do in our own lives.

In factory farming it isn't possible to treat the animals with respect and dignity because you are not allowing them to be animals. Instead they become objects. This is inexcusable and disheartening for us as humans to allow this to happen.  


If we as a species intend to live a sustainable lifestyle and live off grid, we need to stop factory farming and bring back homesteading on a personal and organic level.

"If we greatly reduce or eliminate our need for meat, factory farms would cease to exist."

Our farm friends can be loved and respected when you raise them on your property in an off grid manner. Whether you raise them as helpful companions or as livestock on your homestead, treat these beings with love and respect. Allow them to pursue their purpose until you decide for them to become your family’s food. This can only benefit the farmer raising them.

Making the choice to raise animals on your homestead or property is going to give you the ability to become that much closer to nature. You can get your entire family involved in learning responsibility, as well as how nature and wildlife works. Both can work together and be happy while they’re alive on this Earth. 

Having a functioning farm or homestead is going to be an amazing life experience for you and your family. Once you are living off the land with your own energy, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, you'll come to realize the amazing connection you have been missing with the Earth.

Some of the BEST and EASIEST animals to raise on your property are CHICKENS,  which are multipurpose animals that can produce eggs and meat. GOATS are the great natural LAWMOWER when it comes to grass trimming and bush clearing. They are also going to provide amazing milk, cheese, butter and yogurt. PIGS are the SCAVENGERS and TILLERS of the Earth. Depending on what you feed them, they can make some amazing tasting pork and bacon. We also have RABBITS and HONEY BEES who have there own purpose on your farm...  

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