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Aquaponics in Hawaii

“You CAN'T cheat when it comes to Aquaponics, because if you use ANY chemical pesticides within the system your fish will DIE!”

If you put together AQUACULTURE

(farming of fish) and HYDROPONICS (farming of plants within a water based soil-less system) you get AQUAPONICS.


This is the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, where the fish in the aquaponics system provides nutrients for the plants. The plants act as an oxygen and filtration system to clean the water for the fish.

Your final goal when it comes to gardening and aquaponics is to create a good sized greenhouse, and have it watered through water catchment and powered by solar.


Your greenhouse will consist of

fruits, vegetables, and your aquaponics.


Your aquaponics system is going to need a sufficient amount of power for its filtration system and pumps to move fresh water through the aquaponics system for your fish.

The average person knows very little about the function and process of aquaculture and hydroponics, even though the hybrid of aquaponics has been around for a very long time.

ENVIRONMENTALLY, aquaponics is going to give you WATER CONSERVATION far beyond your traditional farming. You'll be using between 75% to 90% less water because of the recycling of water and nutrients that is created from the CLOSED-LOOP process.

Aquaponics will protect our rivers and oceans because there won't be any RUN OFF and no herbicides or pesticides will be used. 

Aquaponics will create conservation in not only energy, when it comes to traditional farming, but it will create land conservation as well. You can grow so much more within a far smaller space than traditional farming, and your yield will far exceed what traditional farming produces.

If you are into gardening or farming, you may already be familiar with this process. This has been around Hawaiian culture for a very long time since the taro fields and fish ponds existed. So when we are designing and putting together our aquaponics system, we are going back to the ways older cultures managed self sustainability of their resources.

To START YOUR AQUAPONICS SYSTEM, you’ll have to figure out what system you want to install. The three aquaponics systems to choose from are: MEDIA BASED, DEEPFLOW, and NUTRIENT FILM. Media Base is the entry type system and deepflow is the most advanced...

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