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renewable resoures IN HAWAII

Renewable Resources in Hawaii

"Hawaii is the APEX of sustainable living. There could be more than enough renewable resources to sustain us. However, Hawaii and its politicians have focused on importing not only goods and services, but tourists, foreigners, developers and investors, instead of working together to create an abundance of goods and services to export and serve local communities." 

I have lived on Oahu for twenty years. I have seen the embarrassing and disgraceful efficiency of the State of Hawaii’s politics and governmental establishment toward the local communities.


If our intention is to hold our breath and pray for a change where Hawaii's renewable resources are being used in abundance, well I’m here to wake you up to the fact that it’s 110% not happening!


We have seen the cost of living like housing, food, land, regulations,  and taxes skyrocket out of control in HAWAII.


The politicians have no answers to the severity of these problems. In fact, their only answer to these serious concerns are more of the same.

"Politicians want to cripple and hurt the local communities, Native Hawaiians and small businesses, while allowing tourists and foreign investors a free ride on the backs of hard working local tax paying families."

Last year alone, thousands of local families left Hawaii not because they wanted to, but because they had to. They could no longer afford to raise their families where they had been born themselves. For someone like me seeing this from the outside, I am outraged and embarrassed that more has not been done. We need to make Hawaii affordable and sustainable for local families and generations that have lived here all their lives.

We CANNOT stand idly by expecting change to come. We must be and make the change ourselves!

I became so angry and  frustrated that I have made every effort to help local ohana get back to their roots, live off the aina, and sustain themselves so that they can continue to live and thrive in Hawai’i Nei.


In my EBOOK, we’ll cover the latest off grid technologies and renewable resources of Hawai'i: SOLAR, WIND, HYDRO.


We’ll also cover the essential , but less known sustainable systems for living off grid like WATER CATCHMENT, SEPTIC DRAIN FIELDS , GARDENING, AQUAPONICS, RAISING LIVESTOCK and the latest SATELLITE INTERNET, all conducive to living off grid. 

You won’t find all this valuable information concerning living off grid in Hawaii in one spot like this. As a beginner who has a desire to live off grid, I know you will appreciate the effort made to make living a sustainable lifestyle as easy to understand and follow as possible. With this EBOOK you’ll have the control, self confidence and knowledge to take the next step from “I would love to live off grid” to taking action and doing it. 

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