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Hydro Power

Hydro Electric Power in Hawaii

“It's 100% essential that you have a second supplemental energy source when going off grid.”

Micro Hydro Electric Power. What is that? Many interested in becoming homesteaders question this renewable energy source and if they will be able to use it.


WATER POWER is one of the major renewable off grid energy supplies, but there will only be a small percentage of people (10-20%) that will have access or the ability to have hydro power on your property.

If you can purchase a plot of land that has a running water source, like a small river or reasonably sized stream, you’ll be a very lucky off gridder, because you’ll have a great sustainable energy supply.


It’s  going to depend on how much HEAD and FLOW you get in your river/stream. Summers may be drier in your area, depending on where you live and what island you are on. This can remove a lot of that water propulsion you’ll need for consistent energy.

When it comes to private hydroelectric power in Hawaii, don’t be surprised if you find very little information on it. For some reason, it’s just not something people prioritize or focus on when it comes to a private renewable energy source like this. If you are living on Hawaii Island and have 2  or more acres of private land with a water supply on it, you should look into using micro hydroelectric power on your land.

Hydro Power is a niche energy source. If you don’t have some form of running water on your property, hydro won’t be an energy source you’ll be using.


One of the greatest thing about supplemental hydroelectric power is your conversion of this form of energy. It's very high, far greater than wind. There are many rules when it comes to using hydro power on your property. You need to consider the other land owners above and below your property. 

“Many of us have taken our lives and renewable energy sources into our OWN HANDS going OVER the States head. We shouldn’t have to wait for our politicians to get their heads out of their okole’s to be FREE of the grid.”

If you DO have water flow on your property, it’s NOT truly YOUR water. There may be many people, farms, and wildlife that depend on the water flow on your property downstream. Please be aware when it comes to Hawaii, it’s a pretty well known rule: respect your neighbors and respect the aina. It's best to have all your ducks in a row when you choose to use your land's water source for energy. Knowing the rules and regulations in the State of Hawaii is essential...

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