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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic started I have been thinking of reasons why many of us should GO OFF GRID....NOW! I spent the last weekend atop the mountain ranges here in Hawaii to contemplate what it would be like to isolate oneself from society and why we all need to consider taking the plunge to become self sufficient where no matter what happens around us...we'll be safe, secure and prosperous to live a life of no regret!

The Coronavirus is taking the world by's causing people to panic, but it's also creating an hysteria within the population and destroying the Markets that had been at an all time high only a few weeks ago...

This makes some of us questions a few things...Are all the MARKETS just a pile of bullshit? If a Virus in a few weeks can destroy someones retirement that took years to build what does that tell us about how INSECURE these safety nets are? Also, who is the cause of this Panic and is this Virus as deadly or horrible as the media makes it out to be? Is the Media to blame for this hysteria and should we hold them accountable for all the shortages of goods?


You probably wouldn't give a RATS ASS on the answers to these questions if you had been "LIVING OFF GRID!

You probably wouldn't have noticed a change in your life if you had been self sufficient and controlling your own destiny off grid.

However you're not off grid are you?...And waiting in those long COSTCO lines with your fellow human have you seriously thinking of your place within or without society...

Doesn't that scare you?...IT SHOULD!

Considering that you have come to a "JESUS" moment now...maybe you will consider your place in this world and if you are considering or plan on going off grid...maybe now you will start to put those ideas in motion before the next far greater Pandemic comes.

LET US BE VERY, VERY will come and it will be far worse than a Virus that only kills 3% of it's victims as the Coronavirus has. The effects of this Virus are MINUSCULE compared to what CAN and WILL come our way. The Earth has a way of HEALING itself...there will be a tipping point on this Earth, a point where the Worlds Human population will push its limits and a Virus far more sinister and destructive could wipe out half of Earths human population. Don't you want to be prepared?...don't you want to be safe?

For you and your families sake you should be, but Pandemics are just ONE of the many, many reasons you should and need to go off grid NOW!

Let us give you a list of reasons that go far beyond Pandemics...


You don't need me to go into too much detail on what is happening around us...PANIC, HYSTERIA, shelves essentials...Travel at a halt, restaurants, bars, public places CLOSED! Life disrupted and the stock market crashing in a matter of days that took years and decades to build...peoples current life changed forever and future perhaps destroyed! This is what happens when you live in a global society. A social structure that has and always will succeed and...COLLAPSE! Do you really want to continue to be a part of that world controlled by so many variables or do you want to control your own world?

Global Disasters

Once again like Pandemics, Global Disasters can cause all the same concerns an illness or virus can, however when it comes to Global Disasters we are talking additional problems like ELECTRICITY, WATER and ALL FOOD and other essentials...issues that without could kill you. However OFF GRID you are concerned about none of these issues because you have taken it upon yourself to ensure you have these items and are prepared to deal with any situation on your own at your Homestead.


We all know what War can do to a country and the world...Like Pandemics and Global Disasters all 3 of these major social catastrophes can have dire consequence to our communities...everything that comes with War, Pandemics and Global Disasters change peoples lives, yet for some reason almost never kick society in the butt to change their ways. Living OFF GRID for the most part takes you away from the casualties of War may it be out side ones country or within. The likelihood is that you prepared for such things when you chose to live away from society deep in the wilderness, woods or jungle.

Good stewards of the AINA

Push a side all forms of Disasters from this point on and let's break down why going OFF GRID NOW is essential even when SHIT isn't hitting the fan...When we are responsible for our surroundings, for the aina and the resources we use and grow we not only become more aware we become one with the aina. We pay far more attention to how we grow and use our resources and that's a lifetime lesson of respect you can't be taught anywhere else unless you live OFF GRID and control your own resources and how you tend to the aina. (land)

The Freedom of green energy

Freedom is an AMAZING thing when you go OFF GRID and the first place you will realize this is GOING GREEN and removing the "Ball n Chain" utilities bills from your life! No more Water Bills, Sewer Bills, Electric Bills, Hot Water Bills...and the list goes on. Using SOLAR, WIND, HYDRO and COMPOST Toilets will forever change your reliance on the social constraints that most people deal with on a daily basis. You'll BREAK FREE of your bonds once you remove these Cost of Living nightmares from your life!

Self Sufficiency

We have all experienced going WITHOUT POWER...It's happened to us helpless we become. When you are tied into the Social economic culture you are tied into the Power Grid that provides it. Loss of power for extended periods of time can not only adversely affect life as we know it, but our water, lighting and food supply . When you go OFF GRID you ELIMINATE the fear of such things happening. Your peace of mind can release you of a considerable amount of stress that comes with not being able to control your own power! Going OFF GRID will also give you plenty of opportunity to realize that you may not need Power as much as you have in the'll also learn to conserve is YOUR power after all. No one else has access to it, but you!

Freedom to choose your destiny

Living OFF GRID gives you an endless about of options. You can live OFF GRID as much as you want or as little. Live in a basic cabin or hut, an RV or a Tiny Home on Wheels...or even a Tiny Home on a foundation or a fully constructed home on your homestead. Honestly your Home can be as primitive or as modern as you want. Once you purchase your land far from society ALL OPTIONS are open to you...because it's your CHOICE!

Living where you want and how you want

Being free and living OFF GRID means once you choose WHERE you want to purchase your Homestead land you can build it ANYWHERE your heart desires on that land and you can built it how you want. When building an OFF GRID Home many rules and regulations won't apply to you in contract to a large home with a foundation that's hooked up to sewer and utility lines. Once that happens you become a slave to society!

No longer taking, but creating for you and your ohana

Living OFF GRID as creators and producers allows you to step outside the constraints of being a social consumer. If you remain a social consumer you adhere to their rules and regulations they follow, once again being bonded by a "Ball n Chain". Off Grid you build your own Garden and Aquaponics systems and, if you choose, have livestock like chickens, pigs, rabbits, sheep and perhaps a few cows if you are able to. Once you learn to take care, grow and harvest your own food you feel a FREEDOM you thought wasn't possible!

Taking responsibility

Too many Humans for too long have relied on their governments while taking little to no responsibilities for their actions. They tend to rely on their politicians and blame them for everything that goes's time to STOP such immature behaviors! Going OFF GRID allows us as Humans to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and hold ourselves accountable! Isn't that refreshing? To learn how to use our own energy source, grow our own crops, take care of our own live stock, as well as recycle our own matter and waste are the most freeing yet responsible ways of reducing our carbon footprint while leaving the earth in a better place for our children.


Haven't you always wanted to learn things you never learned in school? not only from readying books, but from doing them yourself and learning from your own mistakes. This allows everyone that goes OFF GRID to be the "JACK OF ALL TRADES". Learn how your solar works and how to fix it is something happens. Learn how to farm, how to grow live stock, how to run your water catchment system, how to create compost and deal with your own waste and trash. Once you become the Jack of All me...You'll believe you can do anything and deal with anything that comes your way!

Achieving your Goals

Who doesn't want to make their Goals come to pass and live the Dream? This is one of the most exciting things about going OFF GRID! To create something from nothing...something amazing with your own SWEAT AND TEARS...your own HANDS! To be able FULLY EXPRESS yourself and let the world know...YOU DID IT all on your own! Life will change when the choices you have made pay off. The accomplishments you make can never be taken from you and isn't that what every man wishes for before they rest their head for the last time.

Unplugging from Society

Living OFF GRID is a decision made to BREAK FREE from society...a society that not only pressures you to be a certain way, but holds you back and controls you from truly being yourself...being FREE! Going OFF GRID isn't always easy...if it was easy everyone would do it, but you're not are're are an OFF GRIDDER. Someone who is ready to make their dreams come true and live a life of choice, not control.

Pondering life 3,000 ft above the population centers I imagine what's happening in the world below...Unfortunately I still live down there, but I'm working on moving away from the social restraints that create panic and hysteria...A world of self sufficiency, sustainability, control and destiny...where the only fear is the fear you wish to create in your own head!

Going off grid is not perfect, but it's more perfect than this imperfect world we currently live in. I prefer to control my life...not let society and the media control me. There are many choices we make in this world and I choose to life free of the constructs of society.

Consider doing the same...Consider living OFF GRID NOW and leave this world behind!

If you are interested in learning more on what it takes to live off grid and living a sustainable lifestyle as well as building and living in a Tiny Home...Please download our Ebook and start opening your mind and imagination to LIVING OFF GRID...Aloha.

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