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Septic & Drainfield

“When living OFF GRID in Hawaii this is going to be an absolute necessity. No Septic, no Drain field, no Homestead.”

SEPTIC and your DRAIN FIELD isn’t something I get excited talking about and I’m sure you won’t either. It is a necessity and it’s something you and your household needs to plan for and get done.

You are going to need a system that is environmentally friendly, safe and can be used in a positive way on your property.


When creating and building your septic system, this will need to include your PUMPS, SEPTIC TANK,  DISTRIBUTION BOX and finally your DRAIN OR LEACH FIELD.

The way a complete basic septic system works is you start off with piping that exits your house and goes into a large POLYETHYLENE or CONCRETE chambered box. They can also exit into a drain field or leaching field which is filled with rock or smaller gravel. The waste from your home will then travel into the pipes down into your tank.

Once in the tank the solids will settle while oil or grease will float. Any water or organic material from there will head down the outlet to the drain field pipes that are perforated and spread out in different directions.


As the water, organic material and remaining waste exits the holes in the pipes, it gets filtered as it passes through the gravel and soil in the ground.

Just know there are PROS and CONS to Polyethylene and Concrete and it will be something you will need to discuss with your Septic installer. However, one thing is for sure…


Concrete is going to cost you more money. Once you get past your decision of what your septic box(s) will be made of, you’ll need to make a choice on either a Gravity Fed Septic system or an Aerobic Treatment system.

GRAVITY FED SEPTIC SYSTEMS are much more common and much cheaper because of their simplicity. AEROBIC TREATMENT UNITS are more involved, complex and expensive, but there are reasons to invest in these more expensive systems over the long run. 

Depending on your family’s size and what they plan on using it for will determine what system you choose.  When it comes to SEPTIC, this is an OFF GRID PROJECT you should SERIOUSLY consider having professionals help you with...

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