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Satellite Internet

“Your SATELLITE INTERNET, SMART TV and STREAMER BOX System will be your ONLY remaining connection to the outside world. Some of you will wish to stay connected in some way, others will leave society behind.”

Having these comforts are NOT a top priority for many who are going off grid. Some prefer not to have any of these systems in their off grid homes. If you don’t desire to go 100% off grid and STILL want some form of connection to the outside world, you can still easily get these creature comforts for your off grid home.







These devices are changing frequently, but there are always updates on current equipment. When it comes to continuing the off grid theme the use of SATELLITE INTERNET and DISH SYSTEMS as well as the most recent SMART TV’s and STREAMER PLAYER BOXES are the way to go.

Today's SATELLITE INTERNET market  has shrunk considerably as the top two satellite internet providers have bought up the rest of the market. Not too long ago we had HUGHSNET, EXEDE INTERNET, DISHNET, WILDBLUE INETVU and others. Today however, the main two are HUGHESNET and EXEDE, but you can still get DISH TV as well.

These providers have 2 year contracts with upfront costs for equipment or you can bake the cost in your monthly payments by renting that equipment instead.  Monthly ranges for these services costs lower than traditional cable. HOWEVER, you’ll be paying for your download speeds and GB per month. This will vary in price depending on how much you intend to use your internet.

You're going to need to make choices on your SMART TVSONY, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC and LG are going to be some of the best SMART providers on TV's. As for your STREAMER PLAYER BOX that will hook up to your TV, you are going to have some great choices from NVIDIA, APPLE, ROKU as well as AMAZON and other streamers...

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