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Living Off Grid in Hawaii

“It’s our Kuleana to go off grid and not only protect the aina, but live off of it the way the Polynesians and Native Hawaiians did for thousands of years.”

Living off grid in Hawaii is a choice, and it's the right one for all of us who live the Hawaiian lifestyle here on these islands. We can learn a lot from Hawaii’s history and the Kanaka Maoli people. (Native Hawaiians)


The Kanaka had mastered living off grid with their Ahupua’a which was a self-sustaining mass land subdivision. It was usually located along stream beds where their use of the sun, water and aquaculture came highly into play along with their gardening and raising of live stock.

The Ahupua’a was the perfect example of self-sufficiency.

It was a way of life that many of the Native Hawaiians still practice today, but there are not many Hawaiians left and outside the culture, very few know of how these systems work.


If you truly want to have hands on training when it comes to living off the land and off the grid, make an effort to work and learn from Hawaiian practitioners who have learned the old ways and are teaching these ways to others today. You don’t need to be Hawaiian to get involved. You just need to be willing to learn and help the Hawaiians build these sustainable systems and in turn, you learn to sustain yourself.

I believe it’s our kuleana ( responsibility ) to go off grid and not only protect the aina ( land ), but live off of it the way the Polynesians and Native Hawaiians did for thousands of years.


We as a species have lost our connection to the land and what it can truly provide for us. Every year, Hawai'i is becoming less sustainable internally and more dependent externally.

How can we be surprised that produce and products are so expensive when it’s shipped in and not created here. The majority of our energy supply is still coming from fossil fuels. It's truly an embarrassment and black eye on the State of Hawaii and a political disgrace for those in office who have become complacent.

Considering Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the country, the local people for the most part suffer daily with stresses on how to simply deal with the essentials for survival: shelter, food, water, etc. Even with a political system of corruption in place, there is HOPE for us!


We can still live a sustainable lifestyle and live off grid in Hawaii, where the politicians and local government have LITTLE TO NO CONTROL over us. For us to do that, we need to say to ourselves "we have had enough".  We need to invest in ourselves and take back our lives from the corrupt system that has been living off of us for so long!

With the "Off Grid in Hawaii" EBOOK , you'll take that first step in learning and educating yourself on removing your family slowly from the grid. Once you do, it means you will be living a self sustaining lifestyle where you make a minimum impact on your surroundings and environment. You'll finally have that peace of mind that you are taking care of yourself and family.


This will give you a new sense of pride that you control your own destiny and if something were to happen to the main grid, you and your family would be safe and capable of taking care of yourselves if any outside force or catastrophe happened.


Living Off Grid in Hawaii is a choice that more families will be making in Hawaii's future. For us to prosper, survive and thrive on these islands, WE MUST!

"We have truly become a species of ignorance, intolerance and impatience where waiting 20 mins for something has become an unimaginable  inconvenience."

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