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You may be asking what is OFF GRID HAWAII talking about...We are talking about an atmospheric water generator (AWG) which is a machine that extracts water (Humidity) from the air around us. Its primary purpose is to provide a sustainable source of clean drinking water in areas where water scarcity is a significant issue or when living OFF GRID.

AWG's are Personal, Renewable Water Supplies:

AWGs work by using a combination of condensation and filtration processes to remove impurities from the air and convert it into potable water. The air is drawn into the machine, where it is cooled to the point where the water vapor in the air condenses and is collected. This water is then filtered to remove any remaining impurities and stored in a tank for consumption.

What are the Benefits to using a AWG?

The benefits of AWGs are numerous, particularly in regions where access to clean water or any water for that matter is limited. It's also great to use in areas of High Humidity like Hawaii. They are a reliable and sustainable source of clean drinking water, as they do not rely on a pre-existing water supply or infrastructure. This makes them particularly useful in areas where traditional water sources are unreliable.


-AWGs produce the healthiest most nutrient-rich drinking water possible

-AWGs allow us to live sustainably and reduce single-use Plastics

-AWGs allow you to be Environmentally Conscious

-AWGs Lower costs and there is no need for plumbing or water hook-ups

-AWGs allows Enhance Health as it's exhaust cleans and purifies the air in your home

by circulating purified air back into the home

Atmospheric Water Generators safeguard access to free water against disruptions, drought, and climate change.

Additionally, AWGs can help reduce the environmental impact of traditional water sources by reducing reliance on groundwater and surface water. This can help mitigate the effects of climate change, which is expected to exacerbate water scarcity in many regions of the world.

In summary, the purpose of an atmospheric water generator is to provide a sustainable source of clean drinking water in areas where traditional water sources are scarce or where there is not sustainable groundwater or wells. By using condensation and filtration processes, AWGs offer a reliable and environmentally-friendly solution to the global water crisis.

AWGs are a PERSONAL, RELIABLE WATER SUPPLY, that can no longer be over looked or ignored! The surprising thing about AWGs IS HOW FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THEM and there are SOOOO MANY available these days ranging from prices in the $100's of Dollars into the $1,000's depending on the DAILY GALLONS you need as a household and family!

EVEN AMAZON SELLS AWGs...did you know that???


-Water created from the air is independent of wells and municipal water supply. It is water security you own and control.

-AWGs are ready-made solutions that start producing immediately with just an electrical connection.

-AWGs don’t need a water source to work. It can be installed in your backyard, home or business, and be entirely off-grid.

-Unexpected water disruptions can be devastating. If you live OFF GRID and you have a disruption in your Off Grid Water Catchment system this is a NO BRAINER to have this as a backup and great water drinking setup! AWG's will sustain your homes’ water needs for an unlimited period of time.

If you are interested in a LOCAL HAWAII AWG System...Please head over to WAIEA... and look at all the systems they have...Although there are MANY SYSTEMS to choose from around the world we will always continue to support Local innovation across the Hawaiian Islands. In the end the choice is your on who you decide to go with depending on your personal needs.

If you are interested in learning more on what it takes to live off grid and living a sustainable lifestyle as well as building and living in a Tiny Home...Please download our Ebook and start opening your mind and imagination to LIVING OFF GRID...Aloha.

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