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Solar Power

Solar Power in Hawaii

“The State of Hawaii is moving so slow on renewable energy for the community that it's people are  going OFF GRID without them and leaving HECO behind!”

When going off grid, your most valuable and renewable resource for energy will be the SUN! 


Solar power has been around in Hawaii for a while. Essentially, Hawaii has been the guinea pig of solar for the United States, but you wouldn’t know it.


Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the corruption of local corporations like the Hawaiian Electric Company known by all as HECO. These guys have known for a VERY long time that solar was coming. However, they chose to sit on their backsides and do nothing, knowing full well the electric grid in Hawaii would be overwhelmed by those wishing to install solar.

By delaying their loss of revenue, their hope was to put as many solar companies out of business, ensuring their losses would have a slow, but gradual incline.


The City Council and County of Honolulu knew what was coming, yet they sat on their asses, allowing HECO to drain the vein of taxpayers wallets, while solar companies went out of business. The tax paying customers held their breath, hoping and dreaming of the day their solar panels would be activated.

If you compare the payoff of solar for a taxpayer and the losses to HECO, you will see that a household in Hawai'i used to average $400.00 a month for electricity under HECO yet under Solar today the average household is either paying around $20.00 a month or even being credited for providing energy to the grid.


For HECO they knew they had to get up to speed or the State was going to get tough with them because the constituents would start to put pressure on the politicians. HECO also had to deal with current customers that had become infuriated with them! If it was up to HECO however, they would have drained every cent out of the local population. Fortunately, the community stood up and said ENOUGH is ENOUGHWE WANT SOLAR and WE WANT IT NOW!

Solar in Hawaii today is an interesting story considering the attempts that had been made to DESTROY IT!


When people get together to talk about and discuss an issue with such passion, at some point the politicians and  government are FORCED to listen.


We always hear the term “RISE UP”. The truth is that’s exactly what makes change in our world. When you STAND TOGETHER people and politicians seem to listen loud and clear…perhaps out of fear, who knows, but they listen.


The people of Hawaii  have had enough of being taken advantage of and controlled.  HAWAII WILL NOT allow an outside force like politicians, city and county, corporations or our government to dictate where the hell we get our energy from!

Today we are starting to see major changes on the renewable resources front and it’s about time. In the Solar chapter of the EBOOK, we discuss three major areas: SOLAR IN HAWAII TODAY, THE DIFFERENT OPTIONS YOU CAN INSTALL from Solar Panels to Solar Roof Tiles as well as the DIFFERENT SOLAR COMPANIES AVAILABLE for you in Hawaii...

Want to READ MORE? Download the EBOOK 


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