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So what does The BILLIONS of DOLLARS going toward RAIL have anything to do with going Off Grid you ask? It has EVERYTHING to do with it! RAIL will be the single most destructive force to families trying to get by and makes end meet on these islands.

Our pathetic Governor of our State wants to see an INDEFINITE TAX INCREASE to suck the life out of all hard working tax payers in Hawaii....The RAIL system is not only YEARS behind schedule, but BILLIONS of Dollars over budget with no end in sight. What is over 8 BILLION today will end of being close to 12 BILLION by time it is actually built, but that's not the worst of it. There are TWO HUGE additional factors NO ONE wants to talk about...Factors that will dig the MIDDLE CLASS family straight into the ground 6 feet down!


1.) By time Rail is complete (many years from today)

the railway will have already started to crack and crumble, on top of that the columns will have sunk because of settling. The costs to actual get the rail running after the rail is complete is UNKNOWN because these factors have never been calculated!

2.) The YEARLY maintenance costs of rail once it's completed are UNKNOWN...what does that mean? We have no idea, but in the MILLIONS A YEAR would not be out of the question for a system run so close to the Salt OCEAN. This does not include maintenance to the Rail Stations, Cracking of the rail structures, Columns from sinking as well as any issue with the unmanned rail cars.

This State WILL run out of funding for RAIL...when that happens we are going to have a serious problem. Putting that problem on the working middle class will have dire consequences to the people who desire to stay in Hawaii...they will have to LEAVE!

This middle class leaving Hawaii will cause a foundational economic collapse here. Because many of these laws and taxes are put in place without a vote from the tax payer there are only so many ways to secure your ability to stay in Hawaii for the future. You either vote LIBERAL AGENDAS out...(which is doubtful because it seems that local communities are suckers for punishment and keep voting for their death sentence) or GO OFF GRID in Hawaii so that you can take care and sustain yourself, your family and secure your future here.

There are many ways to save yourselves $1,000's of dollars a year so that you can invest in yourself and family as well as put money away if you need it for emergencies or natural disasters. Going OFF GRID will allow you to remove yourself from the restraints the government puts on from the increases in taxes, water, sewer, gas, food and all other goods and services. Once you go off grid you removed yourself from the equation of inflation. Making this move toward freeing yourself however takes time and effort so you need to start taking action TODAY! Unfortunately too many say they will, but don't and then disaster strikes or taxes go up or other factors come in that they can't control. When you go OFF GRID the only one that controls that is YOU! If you are interested in making the move to living a sustainable lifestyle and going off grid please download our EBOOK so you can start learning what it takes to do so: LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII

It needs to be understood...building RAIL was strictly had nothing to do with what was RIGHT and what was GOOD for Hawaii and it's the end the life of the middle class in Hawaii will sink to a new low with MUCH HIGHER TAXES and higher daily costs ranging from food, to water to basic won't be easy for many of us!

We'll leave you with this SHOCKING and VERY DISTURBING VIDEO that very few have ever seen...So Going Off Grid will be essential...not only to save yourselves money to stay in Hawaii and live your dream, but for your SAFETY when disaster hits. The politicans have been told by the scientists, but they haven't listened and they won't's up to you to protect your family now when disaster strikes....and trust will strike. I hope you are ready for it when it does!

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