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The world is changing, the economy is changing, the environment is changing...WE are changing. One way or another we NEED to change with it. We can be left behind in a future world like Blade Runner or we can start making serious changes so that it never comes to that, but one thing is for sure...The world we live in today won't be the world we live in tomorrow...How close we live in a Blade Runner like future will depend on the choices made!

I'm not the only one that has been preaching an OFF-GRID sustainable lifestyle...many have around the world.

We are in the MOST vulnerable time, not only for the human species, but all life on Earth. We as a species have advanced very quickly, our technology has advanced as well, but there are "POWERS" NOT out of our control that wish to keep us in the past, to keep us at bay so that they can continue to control what we see and what we do.

This all needs to come to an end. Although there will be many battles to fight in our foreseeable future, one of the biggest we will be fighting our governments on TAKING BACK OUR LIVES, TAKING CONTROL OF OUR LIVES and NOT RELYING ON OTHERS or OUR GOVERNMENT to give us what we need. When you need things, you lost control and that is exactly what our governments want. They want us to rely on them for essential needs for survival...That's how they control us and stop us from reaching our true potential.

When your vision is so clouded with paying your loans, your car payments, your child care, your health insurance, your electric, water and heating bills as well as putting food on your table you tend to forget WHY YOU ARE HERE! Many of us live pay check to pay check, essentially working to just pay our bills...WE HAVEN'T BEEN PUT ON THIS EARTH to WORK and PAY BILLS! We have been put here, each and every one of us, to achieve our FULL POTENTIAL to LIVE OUR DREAMS. Just because our government tells us we live in a FREE COUNTRY to pursue happiness and the American dream, it doesn't mean we are actually FREE at all! LIVING OFF GRID actual allows you to LIVE FREE!

With our Vision so clouded in this barrage of life today it's very hard to focus on what is really happening...Social Media and News pushes the narrative and we lose what the EARTH is telling us!

Is TRUMP the only thing going on in this world? The news, social media and MANY of your friends think so! DON'T BE BLINDED BY ANY OF THEM! There is SO MUCH MORE AT STAKE! We are entering the 6th Great Extinction and almost no one is talking about it...Are our Children even prepared for what is coming or have they locked themselves in their rooms to play their video games? Today we are doing a great dis-justice to our children and our families by ignoring the facts of what is to come.

Our WORLD IS CHANGING, the environment, nature and wildlife...We are having mass extinctions of species, sea rises, coastal erosion and it's not on a single front page of any newspaper or magazine. If it does make the front page of anything it's few and far between...This is INEXCUSABLE!

The scariest part of all this is that VERY FEW are talking about how POPULATION growth is actually SHRINKING! Looking at that, face value, you would say this is GREAT NEWS...Less people, less pollution, less overcrowding, but no, it's not. So why is that?

Yes, there may be less people in the future, as the only country increasing is Africa, but corporations are still expanding...The expansion of Factory Farming, which is one of the worst polluters on Earth, settlements into protected rainforests, the destruction of species and their habitats continue, the use of plastics doubling, the toxic pollution continuing, our oceans are warming and dying...gas, coal and oil still being used at record levels. Now the slowing and decline of our species. What does that mean and why isn't it GOOD NEWS considering we are the ones causing our own extinction?

For the Earth itself and the other beings that live here, YES it is AMAZING NEWS, but for us HUMANS it is not...This time period we are entering into is a time period NO ONE is talking about...It will be known and called "THE GREAT TRANSITION" and if people are not willing to GO OFF GRID during the Great Transition only SUFFERING will come upon them. This transition will be a heavily controlled system that puts the RICH up against the POOR...there will be no middle ground anymore.

Because as individuals it is getting harder and harder to survive within this corrupt system, less and less people are having families and children. There has been a huge drop off. People simply can't afford children, others just don't want to bring children up in this world we currently live in, for obvious reasons. If you have children today you are much more likely to enter poverty even if you have an education. In many Countries around the world the majority of the populations are getting old, many are retired and yet there are not enough being born, nor enough young workers to support the Elderly. This is a huge problem that is going to BACKFIRE HORRIBLE during the GREAT TRANSITION.

There will be great consequences to our current social structure. Most of our social structure will be gone. The RICH and their Billion dollar Corporations will not be able to stay up with demand or find workers and so they will begin the "GREAT TRANSITION" to FULL AUTOMATION, ROBOTS and CYBERNETIC Technology. LAUGH, go ahead....because if you are reading this it's happening before you die...ALL OF US will be a part of the GREAT TRANSITION.

With MASS AUTOMATION and ROBOTECH, once the GREAT TRANSITION starts these Corporations will LOGICALLY see very little value in HUMAN WORKERS at all, except for very small industries where Humans will still be needed. Humans can't work 24/7, they get sick, they want vacations and...they get old and die. Lastly, they're just not that efficient.

THIS IS A FACTUAL WORLD we will be living in over the next 50 years! Once Mass Corporations no longer hire humans the governments of the worlds will no longer have anyone paying for the elderly who have retired or into the tax systems. With so many YOUTH out of work or being paid minimal wages by these corporations (mind you only LARGE CORPORATION will exist in the future) that is when the GREAT TRANSITION will begin it's SUFFERING STAGE on the Human Species. The Great Transition of Suffrage is more likely to take place than not UNLESS the Governments FORESEE this coming...WILL YOU RELY on your Governments to do the right thing in a timely fashion? Good luck if that's your plan. Just sitting back and letting your government solve this problem isn't smart, anyone with half a brain knows you can't rely on them to do much of anything except collect your taxes.

This is why GOING OFF GRID is ESSENTIAL today...You MUST start to learn how to fend for yourself and control your own destiny...YOU CAN completely AVOID the GREAT TRANSITION if you are Off Grid. Being Off Grid will allow you to control almost every financial aspect of your life as well as where your food is coming from. The only thing you will need to be concerned about is working during this difficult transition. Finding a trade that can secure some form of financial independence would be best, perhaps provide a service of some sort to the local community that Large Corporations simply can't. Hopefully our Governments will have some form of ( UBI ) Universal Basic Income in place as well to help with the Transition, but DON'T hold your breath on that. Although most Visionaries see UBI as a likely thing to happen in years to come, it is not guaranteed...but LIVING OFF GRID is!

There will be two living areas in the Future...Large TECH City Centers and Urban Off-Grid out skirts. Choose wisely and start choosing now! There is only one future we will survive in and that's a future of living OFF GRID.

Start learning and educating yourself about starting down the path of a Sustainable Lifestyle now: LIVING OFF GRID

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