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Wind power will be a great backup plan if your solar system was to go down for a short or extended period of time. This renewable energy source can also be used as a great supplemental system to work with solar or to power a smaller part of your property like a small cabin, a tree house, garage or barn.

When it comes to personal and private smaller wind turbines,  there is no controversy when you only have a few small turbines on your own property or land. They are a great form of alternative energy to work with your solar when the sun isn’t out. However for BIG Wind Power it's a different story as many communities fight to have them come into their neighborhoods...As long as they are not in your community everyone is fine with it until they are then people protest it. May it be for the god awful look ruining the landscape or the fact that they are capable of killing local indigenous species...We are sure BOTH and other factors play a purpose on BIG Wind Farms being pushed aside.

When building your own Private Wind Turbine on your property there shouldn't be much issue as long as you have a considerable amount of space between you and your neighbor. If your Neighbor however, can see your house that would mean they could see your 30-40 foot high Wind Turbine. If they can it, that may cause a problem with you, your neighbor and your surrounding community. Please make sure you got plenty of land to put one up. One that will not intrude on the views of your neighbors.

“Solar will be your main energy source while wind will be your supplemental energy. This would be considered a hybrid renewable energy system for living off grid where you have multiple sources of power.”

Currently the best application of wind is to use it when your solar panels are not collecting sun on a cloudy rainy day or night. Wind can take place anytime day or night. When hooked up to a battery bank or a Tesla Powerwall unit, it can  supply energy to either one of these power systems when solar cannot.

You are going to have a few options on your property for a personal wind turbine: a roof top wind turbine system (will not produce as much renewable energy) or a large self standing tower system on your land (will produce a good amount of renewable energy). Just be aware that the higher the tower, the more energy you will get from it.  There will be less obstruction from your surroundings such as trees and wind flow is faster at higher heights as well...a 30-40 foot tower or more will give you a good amount of power.

The great thing about private personal wind energy is that it's renewable, non-polluting, and as long as it's working well can save you a considerable amount of money.

There are factors when considering if Wind Power is right for you and you need to ensure that your location that you are installing the Turbine is conducive to wind power...just because you have plenty for wind doesn't mean it's a perfect idea!

As stated above make sure the property you are on or intend to buy is 2 acres or more. Zoning and HOA's will have a field day with you if you put one up and piss them off with this thing towering 40 feet in the air in their views. Having the proper wind speeds is just going to be much more efficient outside the city and in the country.

When planning and installing Your Private Wind Turbine always do it as a HYBRID SYSTEM as we stated before...that means WIND and another form of renewable energy...preferable Solar! They HYBRID system is the most efficient as they feed and work off the other. Wind and solar energy tend to be most available at different times so it's a match made in Heaven.

It only makes sense that if you want the most out of your wind turbine ensure you move it to the highest elevation of your property...The higher the better....and the higher the land it self is (a hill for example) the more energy and the less money it will cost for your Tower materials that you will have to build. Getting that wind turbine away from the home but close enough as to not cost you much in materials is best...Noise will be at a minimum either way.

Choosing your Tower and actual Turbine will have to be a prsonal choise as we have posted images of a few great options...some are prettier than others and others are more efficient that others. The Choice is yours to make! Do you do a single large free standing tower or 2-4 smaller turbines on your roof or your barn or garage. These are questions you need to ask yourself before moving forward with your private wind turbine.

Wind will be an essential part of your Hybrid OFF GRID System, it must be considered. It is always BEST to have at least TWO MAJOR resources of renewable energy on your off grid home...Solar and Wind are the best. If Wind can't do it for you, maybe Hydro Power if you have the good fortune on your property to be able to do that.

Before making that big purchase consult with a small wind turbine builder, developer or guide for the best information on the different types of home turbine systems, but to also find out if your property is ideal for this form of renewable energy.

If you are interesting in learning more about off grid renewable energy sources please download our E-book and have a fuller understanding of starting your life Off Grid.

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