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The Reality Check is in…A future in Hawaii will be a future for the RICH…as for the average Joe great lengths will need to take place to build a permanent foundation in the soon to be most expensive state in the country. Going OFF GRID now and LIVING A SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE will ensure your foundation on these islands for generations to come and HAWAII ISLAND IS WHERE YOU WILL MAKE YOUR STAND!

No matter where you go or what you do people of the higher power put things in place to keep you from getting power...When it comes to the rules and regulations of Living Off Grid in Hawaii or any other State so rules are LAX some are much stricter...If you think you are going to get to the bottom of what is LEGAL and NOT LEGAL in Hawaii, well...DON'T expect all the correct answers from this State as many in the positions that should have these answers DON'T!

If I was to say the over all picture on HAWAII ISLAND would be each man for himself and a sense of overall LAWLESSNESS!

You're going to have to INVEST some serious time and research into finding out the Legal issues and building permit requirements when it comes to Off Grid and Container and Trailer housing. When it comes to Containers and Trailers your main concern should be knowing the difference between building a FOUNDATION under your Off Grid Home or having it STAY ON WHEELS so its mobile. Having it tie into a SEPTIC or COMPOSING Bathroom. As well as your WATER CATCHMENT and SOLAR POWER...will it be connected to your Off Grid Home or will it be separate from it?

These are the FIRST questions you should get the answers to before you fork down the cash to buy land and build your home or wheel your home onto.

Below we are going to do some of the research for you so you can look and investigate yourself...

Also our EBOOK for download have an extended index of links to help in this process of finding Land and knowing the rules and regulations depending on what you plan on building or wheeling onto your property.


To purchase land CHEAP on Hawaii Island you will probably have to purchase in high Lava Zones...HOWEVER...if you have a MOBILE CONTAINER HOME you can move it anytime and still get Insurance in such zones as long as it's Mobile so this is seriously something to consider...if Lava is coming...ROLL IT OUT...if the Threat is gone...ROLL IT BACK IN.


BIG ISLAND LISTINGS: (On or Off Grid Land)

Get a look and feel for the current land sales to see price difference by area:


Once you have a good idea on location, price and understand the Lava Zones and Insurance issues you can get a better perspective on what you can and can't do and what you want and what you don't want when it comes to Land on Hawaii Island.


ZONING LAWS: (Rules & Regulations on Hawaii Island)


Some stand out info on Zoning:

Many of the Zoning Regulations in the link above does not mention Portable and Mobile Containers on Wheels...As most Container small homes are all ready constructed before it reaches your land the rules and regulations concerning such dwellings is up in the air at best.

From the current Rules and Regulations of Hawaii Islands County it seems best to build Off Grid Container Homes that are turn key off premises and have home wheeled onto property. The home should have an internal Water heater and composting toilets that circulate.

Water Catchment and Solar Power may be the most concerning issue when it comes to Rules and Regulations on your Private Land. Solar could already be installed on your home before it reaches the Property during the building phase. Water Catchment however will need to pass regulations as you will need enough of it and your small container home will not be able to hold such a water supply within it or on the container.

One of the Processes of buying land and knowing if it's AG LAND or COMMERCIAL LAND.

Know what your intentions are to do with the land...if you have any intention to use the land for more than you and your family and intend to profit in anyway (OTHER THAN AG USE) don't make the mistake of doing the wrong things on the land and getting caught down the road after the investments have been made. BE LEGAL from the start is always the best!

Once you make the right choice and you are finally on your land...You will need to make a choice on how to clear your land. You can rent or hire a Bulldozer Caterpillar D9. You'll at least need to have one to make a dirt road to where you intend to place your home. Once location is found raise and level off the surrounded area for your foundation or area for your Mobile Home(s). You don't want to disturb the natural land a huge amount. If you are able to find a perfect location where you drive your mobile homes(s) under a grouping of trees you can have shade on that mobile home that could easily heat up during your day and create cover as well. If your intention is to have Solar and Water Catchment on your Roof, putting your home under tree cover may not be a good idea, but if your Solar and Water Catchment will be on it's own to the side, feeding into your home then cover wouldn't be a bad idea for your home. It just depends on how mobile you actually want to be and how many building permits or Regulations you need to adhere to.

You have your choice...Go Composting Toilet OR...Get permitted for Septic System which will create more of a headache because you need inspectors involved in that process. Some people can't deal with composting, but it's the future with a lot of benefits and people need to get on-board the Compost Train! It's cheaper, better for the environment and the Composting Toilets today are AMAZING...we have come a long way:


The great thing about Mobile Homes...Only 800 sq ft and over require permits and inspections to see if your up to code. Build 3- 400 sq ft Containers on Wheels and drive them in not connected, but line them up all using the same wood constructed inspections. Even when GETTING's still FAR EASIER on Hawaii Island compared to the utter bulls#it mainlanders much endure to get theirs.

DON'T get can do this and there are more and more HAWAII Businesses helping people like us to get into the type of homes we have in this blog.

It's easier than EVER to purchase land and get into a TURN KEY Off Grid Container Home than ever before...with just 100K you can have Acres of Land and a Turn Key Brand new Off Grid Container Home.

Living a Sustainable Lifestyle Off Grid initially isn't easy...If it was everyone would be doing it!

To live Off Grid you'll need to be passionate about the'll need to be consistent and you'll need to be vigilant. As long as you hold that passion of responsibility and a desire to lay out your own road map to free choice you'll make it. Once you do you'll achieve that sense of accomplishment, but also calm. It's at that moment that Living a sustainable lifestyle off grid is no longer a job or choir, but a part of your life and then everything just starts to flow and it will no longer be work to have full control of your life anymore.

If you are interested in learning more on what it takes to live off grid and living a sustainable lifestyle as well as building and living in a Tiny Home...Please download our Ebook and start opening your mind and imagination to LIVING OFF GRID...Aloha.

DOWNLOAD OUR EBOOK: Living a Sustainable Lifestyle Off Grid In Hawaii

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