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We've discussed many times that LIVING OFF GRID takes some kind of special in someone...Someone who wishes to take back their life, their freedom and their free choices to dictate their future. IT SOUNDS AMAZING, however the only problem with this is to UNLOCK THOSE CHAINS it means you need to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING DAMN THING YOU DO. Humans in general have built a culture today that makes them incapable of doing such a thing! In Hawaii we call it our's a word we need to re-learn, it's a word we need to put into action, it's a word that will set us free!

We know it's not easy going Off Grid, but the rewards are so PROFOUND we will continue to INSPIRE all of you to go for it. We can't imagine everyone continuing to live in their own prison and hell....CHAINED to the current Social Structure in place...

Our Corporations won't change it nor will our governments...they will talk a good game, they will get rid of plastic bags or perhaps straws...but even that will be a slow process. Will they get rid of liquid soap or toothbrushes or baby diapers? UNLIKELY and that's the problem...

We honestly don't think the population in today's ignorant society structure understand the MASSIVE UNIMAGINABLE CHANGE our species would have to go through...It will be something we have never seen before on such a massive scale...

We guarantee our species doesn't comprehend the FINANCIAL COSTS and toll it will take on each and every one of us and the start of AI and the removal of many repetitive and factory jobs.

We have posted all these VIDEOS OF OFF GRID INSPIRATION because like them, we as well never imagined going off grid before...but they have....we have...AND YOU CAN!

You just need to say to yourself...LETS GO!

If you are interested in learning more on what it takes to live off grid and living a sustainable lifestyle as well as building and living in a Tiny Home...Please download our Ebook and start opening your mind and imagination to LIVING OFF GRID! Aloha~

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