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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Living off grid is a freeing's not an easy one, but it's one that will lead you to not only a sense of freedom, but a sense of peace. Living off grid however is going to test you, your loved ones, family and friends, but to achieve true freedom you need to make some worthy sacrifices.

You would think at some point in your life you'd get sick of the rat race...The consumption machine we all live day in and day out in mainstream society. Everything we do or decide revolves around external choices NOT MADE BY US! Our true calling is to live off the land God gave us, grow and produce our own food and get energy from nature and the power of the sun. If you asked anyone to choose they way they would want to live their life they would choose to control their own destiny and control their own lives...However, the way the world is set up today too many generations are use to being taken care by their government and it's hard to get a certain group of society to rely on themselves once again. If you are one of those people who rely on others to take care of you...OFF GRID is not for you!

Even though many would prefer to be babied and taken care of by their government there is a considerable increase in highly educated people deciding that going of grid in a modern day version of it is the way to go to be self-reliant. The creation of this sense of freedom to control ones destiny and connect with nature and outdoors again is a part of the human soul. Many also step away from the social structure in place by our governments because financially it can be a huge relief to no longer be controlled by the energy corporations and and cost of living in society.

Although going off grid is becoming a more common's NO JOKE! It's real, it's raw it's WILD! That is why many choose to not go off grid and continue to live and function on the grid system in place. However, at one point or another grids FAIL and if they do it's nice having the peace of mind that you have your own system off grid.

So why do you want to go OFF GRID?

Two of the MAJOR reasons to live a sustainable lifestyle is to not only live a self sustaining green lifestyle, but one where you control your own destiny, as well as your own energy and food supply. There are several layers of FREEDOM one achieves from living a life of sustainability. The FREEDOM to create and control your future and the FREEDOM to unplug from the over-consumerism we are all a part of. We simply CONSUME and COLLECT too much stuff and we don't need a majority of it.

On the other front living off grid allows you to step away from EVERYTHING BIG! Big Cars, Big Homes and everything else that's BIG! Many of these things are unnecessary and Living Off grid allows you to free yourself from these types of unnecessary stresses in life. Downsizes is not only good for our own personal stress it's good for the planet. Off Grid homes use 10-20% of the energy larger Grid hooked up homes use. When it comes to transportation you downsize and either get an electric car or a Hybrid Truck for your off grid life. Once you start to save and downsize your life you start to see and feel your stress leave.

We understand people go off grid because they don't want to be told what to do...We also know they go off grid because the don't want their government in their face watching their every move...Big Brother is watching right? Many who do go off grid would prefer the piece of mind of no one telling them what to do, how much to pay or where to go or what to buy.

That is true FREEDOM.

Going off the grid today doesn't have to be overly complicated. People have been off grid since the start o mankind...Yes, technology has changed and It's a much easier to learn and go off grid today than it once was. The internet had changed everything. There are self help books and eBooks like ours online that give you the all the ammo you need in starting your sustainable lifestyle off grid.

The main question you need to ask yourself is WHY OFF GRID...and your answer is ...FREEDOM!

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