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When the LAST JOB is GONE

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

What will happen when the LAST JOB is GONE from the labor work force? Will human beings lose their purpose in life? Will automation and cybernetics replace us completely or will Billion dollar Corporations still need us to do their dirty work to maintain and take care of the new robotic slaves under us? Such questions are not far fetched or a joke, they are REAL!

This weeks most recent news of General Motors shrinking 15% of it's Salaried Work Force is just the beginning. GM will be shutting down production plants across the US as well so that they can focus its resources on self-driving and electric vehicles.

This can be expected from GM, but others will soon follow...Juts hearing the reason why GM is doing this should make Human workers question not only the corporations they work for, but their own purpose in life. GM says they are taking such actions to become highly agile, resilient and profitable, while giving them the flexibility to invest in the future. In ENGLISH what they are saying is they are positioning themselves for long-term success without humans!

Naturally Wall Street applauded the news as did the Share Holders, with GM’s stock closing up nearly 5 percent. With such a cut in man power and plants closing GM will be saving $6 Billion in cash. GM like other corporations ranging from Burger King to Walmart and other Service and sales industries will start to see the financial benefit of removing Humans and using automation, AI and High Tech.

This is no ones fault, it is just the FUTURE!

If you are currently in a field of work that deals with a repetitive motion or service of any kind...It's time you start learning other technological skills. The simple fact is that you won't and can't compete with a robot doing labor intensive work. By 2050 HALF of all repetitive jobs done by humans today will no longer 2100 NO JOBS in these fields will exist! Physical and manual labor will no longer be a job for humans in our future and why should it be when you have Robots, AI and Automation. Although the over all job market will tighten, there will still be plenty of Job for Humans, but ONLY if they adapt, reeducate and learn technical jobs for the new century. If they don't or choose to resist the CORPORATE TRANSITION...they will suffer for it.

Unless you work for yourself and run your own business there is a good chance you will be affected by such a change in our work force even WHITE COLLAR Jobs from doctors, nurses, teachers etc could be affected and that is a scary thought! As stated in previous Blogs the RICH and their Billion dollar Corporations will find ways to cut costs and build better systems of production. Cutting Humans out is the best way to do that. FULL AUTOMATION, AI and CYBERNETIC Technology will be who replaces us.

With MASS AUTOMATION and AI these Corporations will LOGICALLY see very little value in HUMAN WORKERS in the labor force at all, except for very small industries where Humans will still be needed in tech areas. We all know what the Corporations already know...

Humans can't work 24/7, they want to be paid, they get sick, they want vacations, they want pensions, they get old and die. Lastly, they're just not that efficient...not even close to AI, automation and robots.

THIS IS A FACTUAL WORLD we will be living in over the next 50 to 100 years! Once the largest Corporations on Earth no longer hire humans for labor intensive or service jobs many who choose to not conform and get re-educated in the tech sector will be out of work, homeless or living off the system. Unfortunately robots don't pay into the system, because they don't get paid so that will cause an entire NEW PROBLEM on how Taxes, State and Federal programs are paid for such things as Welfare and possibly UBI for those out of work because of the great Transition in the work force. However, UBI may be essential for even those in the work force that are employed, but are not being paid adequately by large corporations. In a future world of Automation and AI, perhaps UBI (Universal Basic Income) may be the only way to manage the transition to an automated economy.

Off Grid and being self sustainable is going to help you greatly during this great transition. When many are having a hard time and suffering and even more are out of work and homeless...You'll be well established because you are self sustaining and have the ability to work through this great transition of Automation and AI advancement in our future. Everything will change during these years, but there is one thing you can count on...OFF GRID...that is something that can always be a foundation to build off from.

We still have 20 years to get ready for this Transition so starting your own transition to living a sustainable life Off Grid is a good start. It might be the only way you and your family manage and deal with the Automation Transition that is coming.

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