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The MIDDLE CLASS can't afford HAWAII

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Don't act like you're surprised...if the MIDDLE CLASS can't afford America, there's NO WAY IN HELL they can afford HAWAII! Unfortunately it's only going to get much worse!

The money amounts are staggering when it comes to surviving in paradise...If you make $65,000.00 in Hawaii as a single person you are considered LOW INCOME!

If you make $40,000.00 a year you are literally POOR!

What's disturbing in Hawaii is the average hourly wage... it's EMBARRASSING at only $16.00 an hour. In reality for someone to afford to live here in Hawaii they need to make $36.00 an hour! This is more than DOUBLE what most people are actually making here! So how do workers do it and how do the Politicians get away with doing nothing about this?

That's an interesting one...Most people HAVE ROOMATES...LOTS AND LOTS OF ROOMATES...4 on average, but in the big duplex homes in Hawaii they house 10-20 people! Some of these insane homes have 20 bedrooms or more with up to 40 people living in them!

How is this the status quote in Hawaii and how has this been so acceptable that the Politicians don't need to do anything or change it? Education...The people in Hawaii, well...are not too smart! Many only have a high school diploma, many don't even have that. They keep voting in the same people that keep back stabbing them. They are told who to vote for or see a familiar name or vote along party lines...I find this the saddest part...The people keep voting the same people in dooming themselves to the point that have to move out of Hawaii because of it. The people who actual invest in Hawaii, including most foreign investors, don't even vote, they don't even have residency here!

When it comes to pay gaps Hawaii isn't even the worst. Cali and places like San Francisco have some of the worst rich and poor gaps in the United States...If you make under $115,000.00 you are considered low income!

How has HAWAII and America in general become so expensive for the middle class? What has happened to them? The Middle Class is the foundation of the Economic system...without them only the Poor and Rich would exist and from the looks of it the middle class and the economic future for EVERYONE is already entering the ticking time bomb phase. If we don't solve the future of the middle class soon there won't be a future when it comes to the monetary system we had been born into. You can not have a monetary system that is based on the richest and poorest...if you do it will collapse!

It's gotten so bad in the housing market that the sellers in Hawaii know it...they can sell complete dumps for Half a Million in Hawaii and no one bats an eye. That type of mentality and cost of living is pricing the middle class out all together. You can't buy a dump for half a million then spend another half million to fix it up, but this is the dilemma here in paradise for the middle class working family!

We all have economic based classes in the states, but here in Hawaii it is clear:

The largest group by far, as it is everywhere in the United States and most places around the world, is the MIDDLE CLASS. Upper, middle or lower middle class, it doesn't matter...they are all close to each other. If the LARGEST CLASS falters our economic foundation does!

THE FOREIGN RICH (getting richer)

THE AMERICAN RICH (getting richer)

THE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS (soon to middle class)

THE MIDDLE CLASS (soon to be poor)

THE LOWER MIDDLE CLASS (soon to be poor or homeless)

THE POOR (soon to be homeless)

THE HOMELESS (is there a place lower than this?)

It's pretty embarrassing for the federal government and it's politicians when middle class workers, who make good pay, need to take on a second job. It's hard to believe that middle class need to far exceeds their 40 hour work week to survive today...WHY? WHY would middle class workers do this? Why would they go to school, get a decent paying job, work a hard 40 hours week to only in the end need to take a second part-time job just to survive?

What benefit does the educated middle class see in become a SLAVE to their government?

The middle class is pretty educated, will they soon start to contemplate if schooling should or shouldn't be an option? Why would you take on a $100,000.00 in school loans only to be making $20-$25 an hour with a good education? The jobs are not there and people don't want to pay you what you're worth. How can you get ahead with that kind of debt or even ever pay it off? How could you ever get another loan for a car or house with all that student loan debt in the first place? We are at a stage now when the educated middle class will be CHOOSING if school is worth it when they are not getting their money's worth.

How do we fix this serious problem before it's too late? There are two things that can be done today...Your Government will need to do one and you will need to do the other...

THE GOVERNMENT: Your government must come out and create a viable safety net for middle class families with the formation of a UBI Program ( universal basic income) UBI is a monthly Paycheck to allow for basic needs for you and your family. RENT, FOOD, ELECTRIC, HOUSE LOAN, CHILD CARE, ETC...Depending on your State and the cost of living, monthly checks could be anywhere from an extra $1,500-$3,500 a month to help you and your family.

Some say this is crazy, it will never work, but as long as RULES are put in place it can change all our futures for the better tomorrow. Plus, the truth is at some point large corporations will remove humans from the work force as they simply cost too much AND CAN'T WORK 24/ can clearly see how little they values human work now by not paying people what they are worth even with an education. Corporations WILL TURN over to AUTOMATION and ROBOTS and humans won't be needed at all when it comes to many jobs that people do today. This change doesn't have to be painful or bad for us, it can be good actually...With corporations making this change and us already having UBI in place machines will work 24/7 and production will go up, but costs will go down because of it. If you don't see this or comprehend what is coming down the future, you won't get or see anything coming anyway. This change MUST come before corporations make the change for us!

YOU: You NEED to go Off-Grid...UBI isn't going to happen tomorrow, but going Off Grid can start happening tomorrow because you control when it does, not your government.

Getting yourself off fossil fuels and using renewable energy is your start to saving money and being independent where you control your finances, not your politician and law makers. From there you grow your own crops and hunt your own food or grow your own livestock. This will save yourself a huge amount of money as well. With your own water catchment and septic system you can kiss your water and sewage bills good bye also. You can save hundreds even thousands of dollars a month before UBI is ever put in place by your government...and just imagine when UBI is put in place. You are already saving thousands from going Off-Grid and now you are being paid thousands more with UBI every month.

With UBI and OFF GRID living you will once again take back control of your life and be able to live independent from the social structure and grid that exists today, but you need to start tomorrow! If you are interested in starting your independence start with reading our OFF GRID E-Book...OFF GRID IN HAWAII "Living a sustainable Lifestyle"

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