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We have come a long way since the beginning of SOLAR POWER...At one time Solar was done with large, heavy and bulky panels that DIDN'T get the most out of the Suns power, however today Elon Musk is REVOLUTIONIZING Solar power with his POWERWALL UNITS and SOLAR ROOF TILES.

Tesla and Elon Musk has been making every attempt to help folks out here in Hawaii get off the electrical grid and become independent of it. Naturally, as we describe in far more detail in the OFF GRID Ebook: LIVING OFF GRID IN HAWAII

Hawaii has it's issues as to why this is happening slower than expected.

Corruption of local corporations like HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company) have known for a very long time that solar was coming. Yet, they chose to ignore it, knowing full well that the electric grid in Hawai’i would be overwhelmed by those wishing to install solar. By delaying their loss of revenue, their hope was to put as many solar companies out of business as possible...the one issue they didn't see...THE PEOPLE!

The PEOPLE of HAWAII demanded SOLAR and they demanded HECO and the Politicians to make it happen...For HECO, they knew they had to get up to speed or the State was going to get tough with them because the constituents would start to put pressure on the politicians. HECO also had to deal with current customers that had become infuriated with them! When a community stands up and says ENOUGH is ENOUGH...things CAN get done!

With the REVOLUTIONARY Technology that Elon Musk and Tesla has brought to the table GOING OFF GRID is easier than ever and you DON'T need to lose those creature comforts or sacrifice as much as Off Grid Homesteaders had been doing 10 years ago. Today RENEWABLE ENERGY and the GREEN REVOLUTION has changed for the better when it comes to the customer. It's easier, faster and cheaper...and it's going to change how we live our lives independently of the Grid!

Elon Musk is one of the great visionaries of our time and today is revolutionizing how we'll be getting our energy in the future, not only as individuals, but as cities, states and countries. Elon Musk has many business credits to his name, from PayPal to SpaceX, to OpenAI and SolarCity, and the list goes on and on. His greatest achievement to date is TESLA INC, which will change the world not only with Tesla Motors, but with Tesla Energy.

Even with all this positive news only 15% of the homes in Hawai’i are on solar...Can you believe that? EMBARRASSING, considering Hawai’i has more year-round sunlight than any other place on Earth! This is the crippling effect that the electric company had on Hawai’i, but that’s about to all change. Tesla may have started as just a motor car company, but Elon has pushed the boundaries by creating a division of Tesla called TESLA ENERGY. They produce Solar Roof Tiles and now, the new and improved Solar Powerwall 2 are here in HAWAII and the green renewable energy revolution is well on its way.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer? It means today, you have an easy and efficient way to move your life and household slowly, but surely, off grid, away from the control of the Hawai’i State government. Tesla has literally taken all the guesswork out of it, and put it all into one neat package.

Interested in learning much more about Solar and the Ebook or look up Elon Musk...

Tesla Energy: TESLA ENERGY

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