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Take ACTION, don't TALK Off Grid.

Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Plenty of us want to go OFF GRID, but instead of taking action on what we truly want to do we just talk about our loved ones, to our family and friends, but we never take ACTION and time seems to just slip away...Why?

I've never been a huge talker...I talk when I need to, I'm more often that guy in the back of the room just listening to everyone else's bullshit...Being someone who takes ACTION on his hopes and dreams instead of talking about them is a HUGE step some people just can't seem to pull the trigger on because of the fear of failing.

If you tend to spend time with TALKERS...let me give you some advice...Don't keep talking to them anymore.


“ We as humans seek distractions, ones that can take our focus and commitment away from what we truly desire, success. It's the best way to pull our attention away from feeling uncomfortable about our FEAR of FAILURE."

We don't have an infinite amount of time on this Earth...we can't waste it talking and procrastinating about our ambitions. The entire reason you intend to go "OFF GRID" is to control your future so that others can't. By procrastinating you are leaving the control in other peoples hands. We can't Fear Failure when we haven't even tried to succeed!

If there was ever a time to take control of your life...2018 will be that year!

Talkers love to tell others about their amazing ideas and stories, but yet they sit on the sidelines feeling good that they got off their chest their amazing plans. It relieves them of their stress that they told others about their plans so now they don't have to do them. At least until those they told question them at a later time on how those plans are going.

Have you done this?

If you have, then you are in some aspects, a procrastinator. Procrastinators push their stress and ideas on others while sabotaging themselves. By doing this there is never really any pressure to get things done until someone confronts them on it. Considering who they talked to about their awesome plans, it's most likely people who won't question them anytime soon on how those plans are going.

20% of the population are chronic procrastinators...50% of us procrastinate in some capacity in one way or another, but when it relates to going OFF GRID the procrastination is very real and very high, but it's high because going Off Grid is a true step into the unknown and in some ways is taking us backwards instead of forwards as we are relying once more on natural energy sources and self-sustainable reliance which makes us as individuals the sole reason for our failure or success...In today's programmed society it's been easy to blame others for our failures, but in the case of going Off Grid, our success or failure is 100% on us! This can have a huge breaking point in beginning your journey down the road to living Off Grid when you actually take 100% responsibility for your failures as well as your success stories.

“Going Off Grid can simply start with building a Herb Garden.”

We know procrastination is a real thing and many of us do it, but knowing even more do it when thinking of going Off Grid can give us pause. So take the process of going Off Grid SLOW. Build your success stories one moment at a time to build your confidence on taking the next step. You may start with a Herb Garden, then a Chicken Coop, then a few small Wind Turbines on your roof...Each success will build your confidence to take the next bigger step to living off grid.

YOU MUST get Inspired, YOU MUST be Motivated!

NOW, is the time to stand up or shut up. Who are you? Are you a follower or a leader? Are you willing to lead your family into a future where you control the outcome or are you willing to follow others and hope nothing goes wrong? It's time to choose...Good luck!

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