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If HAWAII can't PROTECT you, who will?

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

What if you were told by your Chief of police that there just aren’t enough cops on the force to do their job and protect the tax paying citizens ? What if you were told by your Chief of police that some crime victims will be getting letters telling them that HPD is sorry, but they’re not going to be investigating their case because they just can’t?

LET THAT SINK IN FOR A was only a few days ago that Honolulu Police Chief, Susan Ballard told the City and County of Honolulu just that!

Can you imagine your own Chief of Police telling you this?

Could you fathom this happening in LA , NY, Boston or Philly?

SHIT WOULD HIT THE FAN...wouldn't it?

NOPE...not in Hawaii...People just all made a BIG SIGH and said, well..."It's Business as usual here in Hawaii." Then everyone just went back to doing what they had been doing.

You would think people would be lining up with torches and pitch forks ready to burn at the stake and hang our reps and politicians...NOTHING! As for our Honolulu Council members...not a word, not a peep. Not a single one of those SPINELESS COWARDS stood up and was outraged concerning the safety of the community and the tax payer. I guess everyone here in Hawaii should just chalk this up to "THE PRICE OF LIVING IN PARADISE"...I mean, what's one more inconvenience on top of all the other bullshit the citizens of Hawaii deal was only a matter of time before our Safety was last priority right?

The cost of living is too high, the rent and homes are too high, food is too high, gas is too high, electricity is too high...yata, yata, yata...and sorry the Police can't protect you now either...Are we living in the TWILIGHT ZONE?

If your car gets stolen, you business gets broken into or your home, or maybe your daughter is raped or maybe you husband is murdered...Sorry YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!

Lets be real...Crime in Hawaii IS some of the lowest in the country, but for HAWAII'S STANDARDS it's getting worse and it's getting worse FAST! We are no longer the lowest crime rated State anymore...We are still GREAT at 46 out of 50 STATES for total crime which is something to be proud of, but there is a DIRTY SECRET here in Hawaii that has become a growing problem...


Murder and Violent crime rates in Hawaii are the LOWEST in the country. However, Property theft, Home burglaries and Auto theft is some of the HIGHEST in the country and that's exactly where the Police WON'T HAVE TIME or the MAN POWER to help you seek justice! For you...that's bad news!

CATCH THIS...Hawaii has some of the strictest GUN LAWS, yet have MORE GUNS per citizen than almost any other State...strange right? Hawaii requires residents to obtain a permit with a waiting period of 14 days minimum before they can get a gun. It also became the first state to register its gun owners in an FBI database (bullshit, because we are not the ones breaking the laws, but whatever). So the strict gun laws have reduced the availability of firearms to the bad guys. As we all know from statistics MOST responsible people who actual own guns don't commit crimes. So naturally when it comes to gun crimes in Hawaii only 20% of homicides and 20% of suicides in Hawaii take place with a gun...Both being the smallest of any State. So what does this mean? The GOOD GUYS have all the guns in Hawaii and the BAD GUYS don't.

We'll come back to this interesting fact in a few minutes, as it's the CRUX of our Blog post...

So, why didn't anyone scream off the top of their lungs or show complete outrage when the Police Chief stated these embarrassing State of affairs for Honolulu?

Because we ALL KNOW what's been going on here...The HPD is not properly funded by the State, they are horribly understaffed and simply don't have enough officers, detectives, investigators and civilians within the Department to run efficiently. They are short 1,000's of positions! One thing is for sure...We are ALL AWARE of the shady business within the HPD and with the disgrace of the old Chief it has been a PR Disaster. The new Police Chief, Susan Ballard has taken on this daunting job where discrimination, retaliation, officer misconduct and other serious accusations have been scrutinized by the community where the Public no longer trusts the HPD. This hasn't been an easy task for Susan Ballard to fix, considering the culture within HPD has been so bad. However, the new Chief has made it clear that she is CLEANING HOUSE and coming clean with HPD's problems. You can't fault her for being upfront and honest , but coming out and telling the citizens and the Honolulu Council that HPD can't protect them is NUTS! If they can't protect us, who will?

YOU, that's WHO!

And that brings us back to "The GOOD GUYS have all the guns and the BAD GUYS don't." Considering all the alternatives you do have options and statistics behind you in Hawaii!

Am I telling you to go out and buy an efficient and practical WEAPON(s) for you, your family and home? YES...that's a great option! From your 9MM to the Desert Eagle 44 Magnum hand gun, to your Tactical Short Barrel 12 gauge Shotguns to the obvious AR-15 Short Barrel Rifle...These are the weapons of choice to protect you and your home. I am well aware however, some people just won't protect themselves or their family that way and if that's your choice, that's fine. I just want people to have a clear understanding of some point in your life you do have a GOOD CHANCE, percentage wise, of becoming a victim of either Property theft, Home burglary or Auto theft in Hawaii. You'd be best prepared to deal with it, because more than likely the HPD won't be there to help you, nor will they be there to investigate after the crime is committed! The GOOD NEWS is more then likely the criminal WON'T have a gun...maybe a knife, but not a gun. The statistics and percentage rates prove this...Hawaii's GUN LAWS work! Good guys have all the Guns here!

If for some reason you CRINGE at owning a gun to protect you and your family, you can always go down a path of alternative weapons. Being a collector of weapons myself, where every room in my castle has a hidden defense, you have an unimaginable array of options that are pretty limitless, unlike guns. Katanas, Double bladed battle axes, Battle bats & Clubs, Hidden blades, knuckle blades, Machete Blades, Boar Blades, Pepper spray and the list goes on and on. Any bladed weapon you can purchase online and have shipped or you can locally pick up at hunting shops or places like the Honolulu Aloha Stadium Swap Meet for cheap money. You can use them as practical home weapons hidden throughout your house or as collectibles to display publicly on the walls of your home. Your options are endless...hide or display them anyway you damn well choose! For god sake...if you want to purchase THOR'S BATTLE HAMMER...Go for it!

What I'm saying is...DON'T EVER become a victim because HPD can't and won't be there to protect and investigate a crime for you. REMEMBER there is an 80% change a criminal WON'T have a gun and if they only have a knife they certainly WON'T STICK AROUND if you bring a Gun, Katana or THOR'S Battle Hammer to a knife fight. One thing is for certain...CRIMINALS ARE COWARDS and if your stick is bigger than theirs you got a good chance that they will run! If they DON'T run however, under the "CASTLE DOCTRINE" you have every right to make sure that Criminal NEVER EVER LEAVES your home alive! HOWEVER you better have a story that you felt your live was in deadly danger and felt you could die...Hawaii's dirty little secret when it comes to the laws once a criminal enters your home is dicey at best and the truth is the State and HPD side with the habitual criminal, if you don't end his rampage of crime they will get out and do it to someone else...So, HAVE A SOLID STORY, HAVE WITNESSES TO BACK YOUR STORY UP if possible, DON'T TELL HPD what happened except YOU KILLED THEM IN SELF DEFENSE AFTER THEY ATTACKED YOU and YOUR FAMILY after they entered your home and you want to talk to your LAWYER FIRST. KNOW THE LAW OF YOUR STATE and use it against the CRIMINAL!

If I was you, I'd ensure the Criminal never leaves your home! As stated in this Blog earlier, HPD won't be able to properly find, investigate or prosecute the criminal and the judges and laws in this state of Hawaii are laughable. Let's just say you'll be ensuring one less scumbag walks the streets to victimize another citizen in your neighborhood and island!

So in conclusion...It's crystal clear from the actions of this dysfunctional State that you can't rely on your Government, the Honolulu Council, legislature, Politicians or the Honolulu Police Department to PROTECT YOU! Like so much that we talk about here at LIVING OFF GRID it's about being INDEPENDENT and TAKING BACK control of your life and NOT relying on others, but yourself, friends and family!

No matter what you feel you learned from this Blog Post it's best when it comes to LIVING OFF GRID to have some basic knowledge of self perseverance and self sustainability, but also SELF DEFENSE and WEAPONS USAGE. Everyone in your family and in your home should have some knowledge about this. Not having a reasonable amount of knowledge of these things is doing yourself and your family a grave injustice. It's UNACCEPTABLE to say..."Our family just doesn't accept or condone VIOLENCE in our household"...I hate to break it to you...this is a VIOLENT WORLD we live in, with VIOLENT PEOPLE! If you think for a single breath or moment that a criminal that breaks into the sanctuary of your home is going to take your feelings or families safety into considering...YOU'RE DREAMING! Don't live in a make believe world where birds sing to you all day and rainbows following you around from dawn to dusk. This is a far cry from reality! If you don't snap out of that mentality you'll become that next victim of it! I know many who have become VICTIMS of crime and once they do they are NEVER, EVER are really the same.

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