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So you want to LIVE OFF GRID?

When we imagine LIVING OFF GRID too many imagine living a very simple and raw lifestyle. For some that will be the case, but you can honestly live off grid as simple or advanced as you want. This means having all the creature comforts of living ON Grid as well.

Many people DREAM of OFF GRID LIVING...getting away from society and the restraints of living within the machine. This assumption assumes they will be getting rid of all the comforts they currently have and living a much simpler life. Today as we move into 2019 that's just not the truth anymore.

Living off grid anywhere including Hawaii can be as simple and raw or as advanced and modern as you wish. Depending on your funding you can create a 100% OFF GRID home with all the creature comforts of living ON GRID.

HAWAII however is the true APEX of living a sustainable lifestyle because it does have all the energy supply you could ever ask for to create a 100% OFF GRID home with all the creature comforts any home on grid has today. Some locations around the world or the mainland of the United States may not have the true ability to do that like Hawaii, but in most cases they should be able to for the most part.

So what are you going to need to live a SIMPLE and RAW Off Grid experience? ( Cost: $10-50,000.00 )

  • A small acreage of land

  • A small wood constructed Shelter with insulation (how much depends on elevation)

  • SOLAR Panels/Battery System ( a small alternative energy supply: wind/hydro etc)

  • Water catchment system (for kitchen sink and outhouse sink)

  • Outhouse composting waste system away from the main shelter

  • Heating and cooking system (Heating & Cooking Stove)

  • A fairly good size garden or green house to grow crops

  • Live stock/farm animals

So what are you going to need to live an ADVANCED and MODERN Off Grid experience? ( COST: $50-500,000.00 )

  • A few acres of land or more

  • A fully constructed home like you would find in any neighborhood

  • SOLAR / WIND / HYDRO power with TESLA Powerwall 2 system

  • LARGE Water catchment system

  • Entire septic system along with your drain field (leech field)

  • A very large green house to grow crops and an aguaponics system

  • A Satellite and internet system along with a good Streamer Box

  • Live stock/farm animals

LIVING OF GRID is possible for just depends on hoe much time and money you have to invest it. That is what will dictate how simple or how advanced in today's day and age you live off grid.

LIVING OFF GRID is like LOSING's a LIFESTYLE just don't go in half ass and say you've had enough...this is a decision and a choice you need to make and you need to stick with!

Today, we rely more and more on outside providers, instead of learning how to fend for and take care of ourselves. When we continually rely on others to sustain and take care of us, we begin to lose control, as well as our sense of direction in life. As costs continue to go up around us we lose our freedoms, we begin to relinquish our personal path in life, as well as our pursuit of happiness and the ability to self-sustain ourselves. This is a great travesty!

I grow tired of seeing local people struggle here in Hawaii...I grow tired of seeing hard working families who have lived all their lives on these islands pack up and say good bye. All because they have chosen to do nothing to change their LOT in LIFE.

"I have seen the local people of Hawaii put their faith, hope and dreams of a paradise lost into the hands of their State and local politicians...In doing so they have not only damned themselves, but future generations to come."

Having lived on Oahu for more than twenty years, I have seen the embarrassing and disgraceful inefficiency of the State of Hawaii’s establishment within the local communities. The government and politicians have chosen to promote the overabundance of tourism and over-development of Hawaiian land, instead of focusing on its own people and self-sustainability.

If it is not the people themselves who choose to change their LOT IN LIFE then who? Who will stand in unity against the State and its inept criminal politicians?

If you are reading this the likelihood is you are thinking or wondering how to take back control of your life from the clutches of your corrupt system you are bounded to...if you are reading this perhaps you are also wondering how you can afford to continue living in a State where you have seen the cost of living skyrocket out of housing, food, land, taxes and regulations. The politicians will NEVER have ANSWERS to these serious problems. In fact, their only answers are to cripple and hurt you more.

The time is now to take the first step and BREAK AWAY from these chains and devise your own future in Hawaii where the State and the Politicians can longer control or tell you how to run your life.

That first step is LIVING OFF GRID.

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