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Many of us in the US and around the world believe we have every right to live a self-sustaining lifestyle OFF GRID. The only issue is some government officials and corporations don't want you having that kind of power and they are slowing changing laws to ensure that!

For the most part many of us feel safe in going OFF GRID. We have always supposedly had the FREEDOM to pursue our own Happiness and Dreams. It wasn't too long ago that we felt we could be free to live a sustainable lifestyle, one where the government wouldn't dictate how we lived or what we did...However, today we are not as free as we think we are...

We have to understand why some locations/states and towns don't allow people to go off grid and take care of themselves...believe it or not, it's happening! Those behind the Politicians and Government are the POWER COMPANIES that lobby hard to put pressure on the local legislature so that people going off grid need to follow strict guidelines and laws or face major penalties...or even lose their properties completely for such illegal behavior in the States eyes.

People had always been off grid...but not as many who wish to go off grid today...More and more people have a desire to leave the old world behind and take back control of their lives so they are not slaves to the system. People are upset with the current status quo and political system in place and wish to leave it behind. However there are forces who wish to stop you! Back in the day going off grid could actually get expensive and Power companies and local government hadn't been too worried about an OFF GRID REVOLT, however those times are quickly changing and we are talking about going off grid today at a far lower cost which is increasing the numbers who want to participate and with so much online info it's becoming easier an easier to leave the OLD GRID behind.

The Power and energy companies and corporations are not liking this and they are seeing their bottom dollar go down day in and day some point they may take even more aggressive stances and none of us want this! For the State, Federal government and Corporations they know for a fact there is NO sufficient reason to stop people from going off grid, in fact there is an opposite as there are PLENTY of reasons to GO OFF GRID!


  • We are able to LOWER our energy costs

  • We are no longer controlled by skyrocketing energy costs

  • We no longer have to worry about the public Grid going out and us losing power

  • We'll have the most reliable re-newable energy in the area

  • We no longer have to bow down to the energy power plants

  • We control how much and how little pollution and trash we create

  • We no longer have to worry about our insecurities

  • We control our own destiny as others have no say over what we do, where we go or what we say!

OFF GRID is a HUGE Double Edge Sword!

The Governments intention is to have us all connected to the Grid. The Government wants us all to be under their control.  Being Self-sustainable is unacceptable to our local and state governments. Going off grid is a THREAT to the status quo and although it is highly doubtful, that places in Hawaii will be the subjected to law changes to the OFF GRID COMMUNITY, there are other States in the union already being forced to stop living off grid and just having water catchment is considered stealing the towns water supply...It's a scary time and we MUST be prepared to deal with it when the times come.

We CAN NOT succumb to the pressures of our government. The fact that they are passing all of these laws and attacking people who are minding their own business shows how worried the Power companies are. PLEASE REMEMBER...Going off grid is a way to live a righteous self sustaining lifestyle. Make sure to take a good look at the OFF GRID Laws in your State and be prepared to fight for your rights to control your own destiny and live a self-sustaining life off grid.

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