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Losing our Connection with Nature

Updated: Nov 22, 2017

If we are a part of nature, why do we feel so separate from it? What have we done to lose our connection to nature and how can we possibly get it back?Today we live in a world where we as a species destroys almost everything we come in contact with, but it doesn't have to be this way...

Today's children are being taught by the worst generation in our species history...US!

Do we as a species have what it takes to take back our planet and get in harmony with it or is it too late for us and our children? Those who have grown up in the 2000's know little about God's creation and nature and everything about man's creation and technology. How can we possible reverse the downward spiral we have taught our children? Why did we allow ourselves and our children to wander so far from our place in nature? Instead of living as one with our planet, like the other beings, we have chosen to live separate from it. We have taken the Earth and it's resources and marked them as disposable items.

BUT WHY? Because man thinks they are Gods. They think they can control this world to do their bidding. It is through arrogance, greed, politics, religion, ignorance, corruption and ego that we are where we find ourselves today...In essence we have created Hell on Earth.

"We have covered the majority of this living world like a virus or cancer, destroying everything in our path so that we may spread even further".

Today's Honolulu and Waikiki is here to stay...We can't go back now that we have destroyed the aina. We have covered it in pavement and concrete ending any hope of returning to a day when Hawai'i was covered in palm trees, taro, sugar cane and banana fields.

It didn't take 50 years we laid waste to Honolulu and the Waikiki area. Man's greed and lust for money and commercialism transformed Oahu's most pristine area from a jungle to a jungle of concrete. Honolulu and Waikiki is the perfect example on a smaller scale as to what we are doing to our entire planet.

This is what our children have to look up to...our generation...A generation that has destroyed and polluted more lands and more oceans faster than all previous generations combined! Not only are our children being taught by the current generation that destroys and pollutes everything, they are dealing with a second whammy...a make believe online world our generation has created for them. A world that not only removes them from nature, but allows them to forget it and all the negative impacts we are making on it.

When it comes to our children they worship the technology, machinery, and the digital gadgets we have created for them. These objects occupy their time far more than nature itself. The majority of our children's lives are based in an electronic world of make believe, 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. This imaginary figment of reality is risking the future of our children's ability to cope with the reality of this world and deal with real life issues that are threatening our world and species.

Our children have lost their connection with nature and have embraced their world of make believe. This is highly dangerous as the next generation is starting to not only forget what nature is, but actually think it's not necessary for survival. The sad truth, stated by psychologists and scientists...tomorrows generation is heading into an ENVIRONMENTAL GENERATIONAL AMNESIA!

Our children have no understand or connection to nature, sustaining it or understanding that it's needed for the survival of our species. Children know how to turn on a computer or play a video game, but they don't know how to ride a bike or go fishing. Our children are in SERIOUS TROUBLE!


Hope lies only in our ability to re-connect with nature and our Earth, while living a sustainable life. Our ancestors understood's time we understand this as well. We must move to living a sustainable life for ourselves and our children, because our future as a species depends on it.

If we are to do this we will need to take the electronics away and take our children back into nature at least several hours on a daily basis. If you're not having your children split time with electronics and nature evenly you are not only doing your family a great are also sealing their future fate! Take this issue seriously! Choosing to allow your children to be void of nature is choosing to create a death sentence for them...period!

Be aware...Our Children CRAVE the outdoors, they CRAVE nature...they simply don't have the inspiration or confidence to be a part of it and explore it...YOU, the parent, are the ones who need to inspire them!

The essence of who we are is a part of nature...we belong in nature...we ARE nature. Once you return to nature and you spend time in it...camping, fishing, hunting, frolicking, know you belong...this world is real, this world is now...this world is where we come from. There is, and always will be an INSTINCTIVE BOND between us and the living entity that is Earth and on that Earth all the living beings that exist on it. We have a connection to all of it...we have only forgotten.

We as parents must re-connect to nature just as much as we must connect our children with it. We have the inspirational ability to get our children involved in nature and teach them how to live a sustainable lifestyle. One that used renewable energy as well as how to make a minimum footprint on our environment.

Get your children involved in nature...take them camping, take them fishing, plant a garden with them, get some chickens or perhaps some rabbit...teach them about responsibility, teach them about life, teach them about death, teach them about how connected we are to nature, the other beings of this world, and the planet itself...their future depends on it.

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