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Lead by Example with Action, not Words

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

It's not a crazy concept, but those in charge of our governments want you to keep talking instead of doing. Why would they want you taking action and living off the system, if you are off the system you are not affected by it...When you take action and get off the social systems in place you take back control of your life and lead by example. That's something the powers in place just don't want you to do, because once you do, people will start to question why they need that system in the first place!

How often do we listen to the voices of "NO ACTION"...They bitch and complain about everything they feel is wrong in the world, yet actually take no action to change anything. You all know the people we are talking about. It's a sickness and one of the main reasons why society continues down a dark path. Not enough doers and too many talkers. Leaders lead by action and example...they don't need to tell you what they are going to do or when they are going to do it, because you actual see them take action!

That is why Sheep far outweigh Wolves, but the few Wolves that control the Sheep do so by intimidation and fear, but what if I told you that you could be a who leads your pack as well as the Sheep with your action!

Follows follow others, they talk and do little to change the social structure or get really involved in the corrupt system. They are filled with great ideas that never come to pass and ideas they tell others about, but never do themselves. They are FILLED with EXCUSES as to why they can't take action or get involved with this or that. They talk a good game, but do little more than nothing, but bitch and complain.

These are the people you need to remove from your life if you intend to be a doer and leader. If you intend to lead by example, if you intend to take control of your life and fend for yourself. Once you remove all procrastinators and negative nancys from your surroundings you will begin to feel a sense of freedom you have yet to feel. There is no coincidence as to why OFF GRIDDERS are known to walk the road less traveled and to only hold a hand full of competent, resourceful and intelligent friends when building an OFF GRID Community.

TOP FIVE TYPES OF PEOPLE to circle yourself with:






If you circle yourself with people like that you are far more likely to get things done, work for yourself and succeed in life...As for the followers it's more bitching, more complaining, more working for others and making them rich and more layoffs and being controlled by the social system in place.

Being the DOG in your group will allow you to lead the Pack, not through fear or intimidation like the few Wolves do, but through tough love, leadership and action and most importantly...with TRUST! Once you have removed the SHEEP from your life and have acquired your PACK you will be on the road to success and to a self sustainable life where they will follow you as long as they trust you through the action you have taken and the results made from those action. Once you have the trust of the pack they will never doubt or leave your side! This is the beginning stages of your OFF GRID COMMUNITY...We'll continue our topic with building that OFF GRID Community in our next Blog post with TINY HOMES in HAWAII.

Taking your small group off grid away from the corrupt system in place isn't all need to be on the same page, but once you all are you will do INCREDIBLE THINGS and enact the building blocks of your Self Sustaining Lifestyle you have always dreamed of, away from the propaganda of the Elite social structure!

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