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It's TIME for a CHANGE in your LIFE!

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

Too many people get up in the morning, shower, shit, eat and go to work and simply repeat when they get home...this isn't's EXISTING!

Every single one of us are free to make our own choices in this country...there is no one stopping us, however it's sometimes hard to step outside the line and lead instead of follow. We could all start living a little more and start existing a little less.

“Routine is the slow death of the soul.”

Let's start tomorrow with not only a positive attitude, but a positive outlook on your future. There's honestly very little to look forward to on a global scale, but if you bring it down to just you, your family and those around you it's there that you can make a true difference.

Why not wake up tomorrow on the wrong side of the a good way.

You'll need to wake up tomorrow with a Goal! The goal doesn't have to be huge, but it should be a goal you can complete and attain every month. Every Goal reached is one more notch on your belt to achieve the next goal, perhaps even a bigger goal than the last as you build your confidence. This is all preparing you for making that pathway no one has laid before you yet...this is preparing you to have the confidence to go and live a sustainable life off grid for you and your family. I have repeated again and steps...Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will be going OFF GRID.

There's an AMAZING BIG WORLD that you live within...Stop trying to fix the rest of it and focus on your own small world. Stop watching the news and stop arguing with your Facebook and Twitter friends...let them waste their own time living in a make believe have better things to do, because you have chosen to make a change in your life. A change that will not only move you in the right direction, but your family and friends as an inspiration. Motivate yourself and in doing so others will be motivated by you.

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