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You thought rent in Hawaii couldn't get worse, but it's about to go far beyond what anyone could have imagined. It's getting so bad, so quickly, that it's exceeding OFF GRID HAWAII'S expectations on when the MASS EXODUS and OAHU's COLLAPSE will begin!

The reports put out by the local newspapers and the local news outlets in Hawaii NEVER EVER tell you the full or real story when it comes to the foundational problems Hawaii has...especially OAHU! Unfortunately they would rather sugarcoat it so the News, State, politicians and general public don't have to be embarrassed at Hawaii's state of affairs.


This State talks about "AFFORDABLE HOUSING" as if it's "AFFORDABLE"...That's total bullshit! Affordable housing doesn't even exist on Oahu anymore!


This pathetic excuse for a State and it's incompetent politicians are all in bed with the State's run programs...even the News and Newspapers are in on it and it's truly become the "JOKE OF THE TOWN". This State CLAIMS a two-bedroom affordable unit will be costing $1,312 this year. Well...this just isn't the facts! That two bedroom unit they are talking about is a SHITHOLE in KALIHI with 590 ft of living space. For HUMAN BEINGS actually looking for a Two Bedroom unit in the Honolulu area with a more reasonable living space of 750-950 ft you'll be paying anywhere from: $1900-$2400 a MONTH...and it's about to go up... heard me right...2018 is about to see an increase in rent from between $135-$200 a month! This does not include utilities and cable etc...Tack on another $250.00 a month for those things!

SO...why is this happening???

You see...This dumb ass State just told us that ANYONE MAKING $96,000 as a family of 4 (which is misleading because the 2 kids don't work) is considered Low Income. It was $86,000 last year. This means the State has given an 11% increase in one year that will be given to low income families so that those making more money can get under low income housing...or the States Fantasy # of what Low income is.

With that extra 11% the State is giving low income families the LANDLORDS and RENTERS will more than likely INCREASE their rent FOR EVERYONE! The problem is NO F-IN FAMILY OF 2 is making $96,000! The people in those two bedroom units are 4 adults crammed into a 650ft space working 2 jobs and bringing in $25K each!

Should the Landlords and Renters do the right thing by not raising rent and giving these poor people some breathing room? you think Humans Beings are not greedy...NO!? That's the sad things about Humans...if we see an opportunity we'll take it. Don't hold you breath on these low income people or anyone else getting a break in rental cost increases. We can all expect a huge rent increase and with that the EXODUS begins!

From Home Prices to Rent costs...There comes a time in all our lives where we weigh our options...the good and bad of Hawaii...and it's things like this that push us over the edge!

Do you stay or do you go to find a better life somewhere else where you don't have to struggle even if you can't go to the beach every day or climb mountains or watch sunrises and sunsets every day...sometimes you need to ask yourself if you are working 70 hours a week just to survive why bother if you can't enjoy all the beautiful things Hawaii DOES offer.

When residents start asking themselves these serious questions and choose...that is when the Exodus begins...that is when today's shrinking middle class that borderlines the poverty level leaves. When the middle class leaves so does the foundation of Oahu. When we lose the foundation of an economic class...We COLLAPSE!


Homes costs are so high because of foreigner demand...because of that rental demands are even higher. This costs are ASTRONOMICAL for the average resident in Hawaii and no studies have been done to show that multiple families are living together in a home to survive and pay for rent. I have questioned in the past why a census has never been done on this, but I honestly know why...if they did it would be an utter f@cking disgrace and black eye on the State of Hawaii.





ADD an additional $250-450 onto those rents for utilities, water, sewage, cable, internet etc.


Utility bills in Hawaii are the HIGHEST IN THE COUNTRY. Not only does the State of Hawaii rank first in overall cost of living, it’s number one for electricity costs as well! On AVERAGE the cents/kWh in HAWAII average 37 cents...around the rest of the country the AVERAGE...are you ready for 12 cents. So you can use half the energy you would use on the mainland and still your bill will be doubled!

An UTTER EMBARRASSMENT AND DISGRACE to those running this State! You would think with ALL THE NATURAL RESOURCES and RENEWABLE Energy we would be WAY PASSED would be if you go OFF GRID, but if you are are a SLAVE to the State of Hawaii.

Once AGAIN...why are we telling you all this if we are an OFF GRID HAWAII Website?

SIMPLE...If you don't start figuring out how to self sustain yourself...if you don't start figuring out how to get your own renewable energy...if you don't start TOMORROW on working on a plan to GET OFF WILL BE a part of this WILL BE a part of this MASS Exodus out of Hawaii. The writing is on the wall...if you don't see it and if you don't start making the changes in your life now to prepare for it...You're blind to what is coming and what is coming will be life changing! PLEASE...get yourself prepared now!

You have been WARNED!

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