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HAWAII more SUSTAINABLE by 2020? just isn't going to happen and unfortunately everyone knew this in the first place. Today the State has a new date...2030...then it will be 2040...soon it will be 2050...and so on and so on, but then again...are we really surprised at this States ineptitude?

The State has based its sustainable plan behind the major date of 2050, but to reach the GOALS of 2050 they need to reach the goals of 2020 first...and the way it looks today the State will be under water before anything is actually in place! If the local communities don't start holding those in office accountable for these dates soon...Hawaii is doomed!

The auditor of the State was pretty clear when it released Hawaii's 2050 Sustainability Plan...NINE BENCHMARKS had to be achieve by the year 2020:

1. Increase affordable housing (FAILED)

2. Strengthen public education (FAILED)

3. Reduce reliance on fossil (carbon-based) fuels (FAILED) one plant has closed, some minor solar and wind farms, HECO still controls how we get our energy here in Hawaii

4. Increase recycling, reuse, and waste reduction strategies (WORKING ON IT, but FAILING)

5. Develop a more diverse and resilient economy (FAILED)

6. Create a sustainability ethic (FAILED)

7. Increase production and consumption of local foods and products (FAILED)

8. Provide access to long-term and elderly housing (WORKING ON IT, but FAILING)

9. Preserve and perpetuate Kanaka Maoli and island cultural values (UTTER FAILURE)

Do we see a PATTERN here?

Over the past 10 years the State on almost every possible level have FAILED it's people, tax payers and local communities.

What is SCARY is the fact that the island of OAHU continues to grow in population...a population that is not only UNSUSTAINABLE, but DANGEROUS! Our SUSTAINABILITY when it comes to WATER consumption IS at a BRAKING POINT!

The island of Oahu has reached it's Population max back in the late 90"s...Oahu can NOT sustain it's current water usage and the State and it's poor planning has allowed for this to happen! This State is about as well prepared for a water shortage as it was for a ballistic missile inbound to Hawaii! Of ALL THE STATES in this COUNTRY Hawaii should have the NUMBER 1# Strategic plan for SELF SUSTAINABILITY and they HAVE NOTHING! How on GODS GREEN EARTH can you have only ONE EMPLOYEE who is suppose to coordinate our entire sustainability plan?


Our GOVERNOR continues to FAIL in everything he does and lead this State right into a BLACK HOLE to NOWHERE! He has budgeted nothing into the sustainability plan, added no staff, zero resources for this State to actual really do something. We have NO CHANCE as a State to make a dent on what is happening and the cataclysmic path that is upon us!

Those who VOTED for this Governor are ALSO TO BLAME and CAN NOT be left off the hook...Those voters will all suffer for it in the near future! Until we realize we can't vote on party lines anymore the tax payer will continue to bend over and stick themselves in the Okole! Unfortunately, because of the voters stupidity, it will be their own undoing that forces them to leave an unaffordable and unsustainable Hawaii.

I'm sorry to be the bringer of BAD NEWS, but if you have been following the "OFF GRID" Blog you see a pattern...

LIVE A SUSTAINABLE LIFE OFF GRID and you will have a chance to STAY and SUCCEED in Hawaii for the rest of your life. If you CHOOSE...and let me repeat that...YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE, but if you choose to do will SUFFER, you will LIVE day by day and you WILL LEAVE Hawaii with NOTHING! The State cares very little about you leaving, because someone else will show up on a boat or plane to replace you. Even if it's only for a year or two before they leave as well...another TAX PAYER will take your place and the circle of suffering will continue.


Hawaii has a horrible and deteriorating public infrastructure, no affordable housing, a 75% service based economy that they haven't diversified, no energy plan, a beyond fragile ecosystem that today is being taken over by erosion where we are losing our beaches and homes along the coastlines at an alarming rate, no food supply sustainability plans, as we only having 1-2 weeks of food on island, no water shortage plan and no intent to curb population growth, which should be SHUT DOWN immediately!

THIS LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER...people from the outside think Hawaii IS SOME KIND OF PARADISE...Let me wake everyone up to the REALITY of HAWAII...IT'S NOT and the people who live here, day in and day out, know this! You will see it first hand when you move here, it won't take long for you to see that as well and understand why so many people are leaving Hawaii instead of coming here...As I predicted last year...over 14,000 people left Hawaii...You'll be seeing an increase of close to 20,000 next year. That will be when people start to get nervous, this will be when the tide can not be turned!

I speak of taking on traditional Kanaka Maoli concepts...implementing old ways of sustainability like the Ahupua'a and systems of management that the Native Hawaiians once did from Mauka To Makai (Mountain to Sea) and yet this State is too F@CKING DUMB to understand it...We could learn a lot from LIVING OFF GRID and Living a sustainable life from the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) people.

Will we learn and put in place historic concepts and managements systems from the Native Hawaiians that actual worked? NO...why would we...This State is too corrupt, too disorganized, too complacent and far too incompetent to implement such a smart and strategic plan of sustainability, but you know who can???


As written in our Book: Living a Sustainable life OFF GRID IN HAWAII You can change your chances of succeeding on these islands, but you need to educate yourself and take responsibility for the choices you make. If you do you can shut out the corruption of the State and it's Politicians and take back your life by LIVING OFF GRID.

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