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Updated: Nov 30, 2017

When it comes to Off Grid living you CAN NOT pick a better place than Hawaii to plant Fruit, Coffee and Nut Trees on your property.

THE HAWAIIAN BREADFRUIT TREE are rich in starch, which transform to sugars when very ripe. You prepare the Breadfruit by roasting or baking...You can also fry or boil. When cooked, the taste of breadfruit is described as Potato-like, or tastes like freshly baked bread.

There are going to be different ways you will be planting your Fruit, Coffee and Nut trees... Some will be from seed, but other will be grafting, budding and even from cuttings. You don't want to wait years for that Hawaiian Avocado tree to produce do you?

Let nature take it's course and you'll have an abundance of food.

“You can be easily self sustaining if you have enough land to plant or grow your fruit, coffee and nut trees.”

Your list for your fruit trees in Hawaii are pretty limitless, but my personal favorites to grown are as follows: LYCHEE, RAMBUTAN, MANGO, PAPAYA, GUAVA, STAR FRUIT, APPLE & ICE CREAM BANANA, DRAGON FRUIT, AVOCADO,COCONUT, MANGOSTEEN, KIWI, MOUNTAIN APPLE, LILIKOI, POMEGRANATE, Variations of LEMONS, LIMES & ORANGES.

HAWAIIAN MOUNTAIN APPLES will be a tree you can't pass up growing on your property. Hawaiian apples range in color from white, pink to brilliant dark ruby red. They're very shiny and take on the shape of a pear. They have a soft but crunchy texture more like a pear and are high in water content. The flavor has a flowery sweetness that will be new to those who have never tasted them before. At the center are dark, hard seeds much larger than a traditional apple.

Below is a great episode of GROWING YOUR GREENS on 7 of the fastest growing Tropical Fruits in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Coffee should be something you consider growing...8-10 Trees will be enough for your family for the year if you drink 2 cups a day. You should also consider growing several Cacao Plants and have a go at producing your own batch of Hawaiian chocolate.

One of the plants some may not think of considering right away on their homestead is the GINGER PLANT...

Ginger should be planted all around your household. You'll be using the Ginger root in many of your dinner dishes as well as your teas in the morning and evening. Ginger is also often used for Digestion issues. It's great to use for Nausea ( getting sea sick is a great example for chewing ginger ) or when you have a Cold or Flu. Chewing ginger can reduce muscle and menstrual pain. Ginger also reduces inflammation and is great for your cardiovascular health. Last, but not least the flowers of the ginger plant make for a great lei or beautiful arrangement for your home.

THE MACADAMIA NUT TREE originated and is grown all over Australia, but most commercial production in concentrated in Hawaii because of it's extraordinary nut production in taste and quality. In Hawaii, orchards are planted with grafted seedlings. Macadamia nut trees can start bearing a small crop in the fifth year after planting, but full production isn't reached until after the 10th year so be prepared to wait.

When it comes to planting in Hawaii the great thing is your trees will always be producing...if not one tree another tree will and you will have a wealth of fruit, coffee and nuts that will benefit you and your entire family. This will allow you to remove your dependence on goods and services from the grocery stores.

Hopefully this Blog post gives you enough information to go head first into Planting your Fruit and Nut Trees on your Homestead...If you are looking for more in depth information downloading the OFF GRID IN HAWAII eBook is just a click away:

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