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The world is changing, Hawaii is changing, and we need to change with it. Many argue what CLIMATE CHANGE or GLOBAL WARMING is doing to our world...Many scientists say if something doesn't change soon there is no going back...others say it's all a hoax...We are not here to change your mind expect to provide facts and not political bullshit. What we can say for certainty...something is happening and that happening doesn't look good!

We need to realize no matter how much we are in denial, perhaps because of political sides, that the world is changing. Are we all going to sit here and say to each other that the world is heading in the right direction? Almost all of us are not scientists and we can all say for certainty that the world is NOT heading in a positive direction...Putting politics aside.

We are growing our population, we are creating more trash, more plastics, we need more food, we need to grow more animals for that food, we need more cars, more homes, we need to use more wood, more land, more natural resources are being bleed dry. We need more oil, more gas, more coal. It's a never ending process of more and more and more.

How long can we sustain such a way of life before we blow this bubble we've been living in for so long? Putting aside the politics...something is happening and it's not the happening we should be proud of. We have lost our way, we have relied on our governments to provide for us as we push the brink of over indulgence!

So what is our part in this Climate Change and Global Warming debate...How much of this MESS is our fault?

We are no scientists here at OFF GRID HAWAII, but what we can tell you is this...

The Global changes that are happening on our world ARE HAPPENING...The world IS going through a WARMING CYCLE...Weather patterns ARE changing, OCEANS are getting WARMER...but you may be, nope...fake news! Sorry it's not fake news and it IS happening! The world is changing, ice caps are melting...they are receding and growing ice again, but they are receding over all more and more even through they do gain ice yearly.

Even after writing that above paragraph you assume I am talking about humans...and so you made your choice up already...but take humans out of it for a moment...

There is a significant DIFFERENCE between CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING. Many Political parties and even some agenda driven Scientists don't wish to explain that to us so we will here on the differences and what Humans can change and what they can't...


Climate Change is MOSTLY NOT man made and is the overall EARTHLY CHANGE of it's atmosphere like warmer temperatures, melting glaciers, stronger storms, warmer waters, more frequent drought and rain cycles. Climate Change is more of a PLANETARY CAUSE AND EFFECTS. The Earth itself has gone through these changes for BILLIONS OF YEARS. Since we have been on the Earth as Humans it's been a blink of an eye for the Earth. For a perfect example...Ice ages and Cooling and Warming cycles are all natural occurrences that have been taking place long before humans...TODAY in the Earths history and Human history we happen to be in a WARMING CYCLE...inevitable that Warming Cycle will enter a Cooling Cycle then either a mini or full Ice Age. It's just the natural way of things...where our planet is in the solar system and where the solar system is in the Galaxy and where our Sun is in its own cycle. We can't and don't control such things, but what we can control is HOW SOON THESE CHANGES HAPPEN!


Global Warming is MOSTLY referred to MAN MADE changes and is just one symptom of the much larger problem of the over all climate change that happens naturally. Global Warming is almost always referred to by Scientist as MAN MADE. Global Warming created by humans quickens the pace and speed of events that would take place naturally over an extended period of time by the Earth. The Earth could care less either way, but for us GLOBAL WARMING created by us will in the end DOOM our SPECIES at a pace we will not be able to prepare for. Global Warming is created by events happening ON EARTH, not outside it with cycles. Global Warming happens when humans grow, exploit, destroy, dominate and waste. From the use of fossil fuels to the exploitation of factory farming as well as the creation of one time use materials that are used and discarded...These are all things us humans do to contribute to the Global increase in temperatures between methane gas emissions to carbon emissions. Because of us we are increasing the inevitable speed of CLIMATE CHANGE on the Earth to between 25-50%. As humans this should be considered UNACCEPTABLE by our species and yet because of politics, greedy corporations and world governments it is not.

We at OFF GRID HAWAII believe that 50 to 75% of CLIMATE CHANGE is a cycle in the Earths natural history. Humans just happen to be in a Warming Cycle which is an INTERGLACIAL PERIOD...that period is today. However a Warming Cycle is always followed by the next Cooling Cycle which would be an ICE AGE PERIOD. What we are doing is slowly speeding up the time on when that Warming Cycle comes to an end and heads into a cooling cycle and the next Ice Age.

No matter how you feel about this the current path is COMPLETELY UNSUSTAINABLE and we MUST make change on how we treat our planet, the being on it and each other. Living off grid is a way to move in the right direction during these complicated times. to move toward a greener and more sustainable lifestyle for us and our families...for our country as a whole.

It's simply the right direction we need to move in to secure a future on this planet because the truth is this...PLANET EARTH doesn't need us...We need PLANET EARTH and if we continue to treat it the way we are the Earth will only get rid of us faster than allowing us to sustain ourselves several thousands years more before the net cooling cycle and ice age comes. However, if we don't change or ways and stop the contributions we are making to Global Warming then we'll only have hundreds of years before we reach the end of our rope.

Let's not do that for our children and our children's children...We are better than that...Lets make the change we need to make today because tomorrow is too late...Scientists have given us 1O YEARS before we reach our breaking point, before we have no way to reverse the damages we are making to the Earths next cycle.

Get out there and take responsibility for your life and lets all help each other get a little more life on this Earth by going off grid and living a green more sustainable life.

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