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BUILDING your small OFF GRID Home

Building a small off grid home doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be cheap, cozy, and efficient, but still provide the comforts of home…just in a smaller size.

I’ve been following this remarkable women…KRISTIE WOLFE…She’s an amazing DIY, designer, dressmaker, house flipper, tiny house builder and expert in off grid living. She’s Beauty & Brains and she truly inspired me to get my ass in gear and really start looking into what it takes to live and build a small home off grid.

Her beautiful inexpensive “Hawaii Tree House” and very own "Hobbit Shire Home" are 2 of the most perfect examples of what living in a small off grid home is all about and Kristie is in no way done! She plans on expanding with 2 additional off-grid Hobbit Homes to use as rentals as she does her Hawaii Tree House today.

Kristie may be an innovator, but she is so much more because she’s truly an artist and a craftswomen??? I think you can say that, right? She gets her hands dirty, solves problems and comes up with new solutions on building small homes that look and feel MUCH BIGGER than they truly are.

Building small homes, but making them feel big is not an easy thing to do. She has been inspiring others to think outside the box and create artistic small off grid homes that…well…don’t feel small!

The best thing about Kristie’s homes is the cost! Between the homes and the land they total anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. That should give us all pause, because at those prices ANYTHING is possible for us!


Check out the awesome Video of the HAWAII TREE HOUSE BUILD:


Check out the awesome Video of the HAWAII TREE HOUSE BUILD:

Kristie’s small off grid homes are just as beautiful as they are inspirational, so if you have a dream as Kristie did and continues to have…do your research and look her up. See all the great info on her as well as small home off grid living. If you put your mind up to it and are determined…you as well can live your dream like Kristie.

Interested in Following Kristie Wolfe:

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