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So we have the Homestead coming along nicely, but we need the perfect Chicken Coop to allow our Feathered friends to be at ease, have cover, and protect them from predators.

I put together a great list of getting yourself setup with some great chicken coop ideas and builds, but it's going to be up to you how many chickens and eggs you're going to want or need. Once you figure that out you'll be able to better determine how big your coop is going to be. JOE MOONEY has and continues to be an awesome inspiration when it comes to doing it on your own @ HOMESTEADONOMICS

We'll continue to use him in the future for guidance when it comes to certain Off Grid Projects...Below is another excellent video from JOE when it comes to building the perfect chicken coop. He has several on the subject so dig deeper when you get the chance.

Chickens are the great multipurpose animals that you could raise for Eggs and Meat, but they are also good for your yard because they love bugs!

Being here in Hawaii you're going to want to fortify your chicken coop from not only MONGOOSE, but from RATS which could come in the dead of night so the option for electrifying your fence at night with your small solar on the coops roof is a very serious option you may want to consider. Just don't forget to shut it off before you let the hens out the next morning!!!


Chickens won't have a hard time taking care of themselves as long as you provide the essentials...once you let them free range for the day they will be good to go.

If you are interested in seeing more about chicken coop design hit up these sites:

Even with a perfect chicken coop where the chickens are allowed to frolic in their natural habitat, please be mindful that Chickens do tend to get sick from time to time and can die. It’s a TOP PRIORITY to care for your chickens. They must ALWAYS have a clean coop. You will have to let them out while you clean and hose down the coop once a week and lay down new bedding if needed from time to time for a CLEAN egg lying area.

Do all these things and you will have years and years of happy chickens and more than enough organic eggs to feed you and your family!

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