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Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Hawaii Island is ALIVE & KICKING...We see the RAW POWER of PELE herself. We are aware and clearly understand what is happening on the Hilo side of Hawaii Island right now. The purchase of land is now cheap, but is now the best time to invest and buy to go Off Grid?

Before we get into this subject, we'd like to send our love and prayers to the people affected by this display of Pele's wrath...also the families who have lost their homes and everything they knew or had.

All those who have bought land between Pahoa toward Puna are well aware of the risks associated with buying land...even higher priced land in these areas. The question always is... does the risk outweigh the rewards and are you willing to take a chance? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It's the luck of the draw and investing in volatile LAVA ZONES are always a flip of the coin, but with lava covered land so cheap at this time, why not take the risk?

Hawaii Island is a magical's alive, it's raw and it's in your face. Big Island is one of the most beautiful and most destructive places on Earth. However, these are the exact reasons why many choose to take the risk to call this place home at a very reasonable price.

So is NOW the time to BUY land on HAWAII ISLAND?

YES and NO...As better know what you're doing if you intend to purchase land in a high lava suggestion is to NEVER buy in ZONE 1...If you want to buy Big Island Land at a good cost with less of a chance of it being destroyed in the next 60 years start off at LAVA ZONE 2 and work your way up to ZONE 3 if you want to stay within a good budget.

The strange thing, but perhaps not so strange is that you are looking at the Largest island in the big in fact all the other islands can fit in it...Yet there are only 200,000 residents on it and there's a shortage of housing! Are people just that nervous about living on a damn living rock full of fire and fury? Perhaps, but that allows you, the risk taker, to take that chance and make that dream come true that so many don't have the stomach to attempt. This EXAGGERATED NEWS that's spreading all around the world right now on the BIG ISLANDS DESTRUCTION is keeping people away from not only vacationing to Big Island, but also from real estate. The opportunity to take a chance and risk is there for many to strike gold. You can make your dreams come true if you are willing to take the risk.

Newly Built Off Grid Home on Recent Lava Flow

Off Grid Homes today can be VERY MODERN with HIGH TECH green energy solutions. They don't need to be "little grass shacks" anymore. This build above is an amazing low end, high quality built home without breaking the bank and the land comes cheap because of the newer formed lava flow under it. Ti Trees are already breaking through the Lava bed and there are plenty of great locations to start planting your palm trees and tropical forest around your new home in this amazingly rich soil. As for your neighbors...none to be found!

If you intend to buy cheap land recently covered in lava then you'll be building your home from also more than likely need to create a road way to the location you'll be building on. It won't be easy, you'll need to subcontract the builders and YOU SHOULD be there during the entire building process, even get involved in building it yourself so you are well aware and understand everything you need to know about living in no man's land as well as living off grid. In the middle of a lava field you alone will be in complete control of your destiny and future. You will be relying on your skills and knowledge to take care of your home and live a sustainable lifestyle, because out there no one will hear you calling for that sounds horrible...BUT IT'S TRUE!

You will be AMAZED at the Modern and Beautiful Off Grid home possibilities that can be offered to you on the Island of opportunity that allows you to have the simplistic yet modern day home you have always dreamed of within your budget and free of neighbors for many years to come. You just need to have some balls, some guts, passion, determination, and smarts to simply IMAGINE what you want for yourself and family!

Just remember...YOU are the one who will take the CHANCE...YOU are the one who will take the RISK...YOU are the one who will take the OPPORTUNITY that others wont!

If you are interested in learning more about living off grid our E-Book OFF GRID IN HAWAII "Living a sustainable lifestyle" will give you a huge jump start in making your dream of moving to Hawaii and living off grid more reachable.

Please take the opportunity to jump start your dreams: OFF GRID IN HAWAII

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