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30% of Families CAN'T afford HAWAII!

Imagine living in a STATE where over 30% of Families can't afford even the basic needs to survive! Take a deep breath and imagine that for a moment. It's not only a disgrace to the State of Hawaii, but the Political Party that RULES it! Their ineptitude have allowed the great "State of Aloha" to fall into a State of homelessness & hopelessness!

This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE and HAWAII can do FAR BETTER!

I truly wish I could solve this Problem in Hawaii, but it's never an easy fix...However we can do much more than what this State and its politicians are currently doing. There is NO REASON for over 30% of Mothers, Fathers and Children to be SUFFERING because of the people running this State!

It's not like we DON'T know the major causes...WE DO and once more let me lay out the main causes!

  • Overall HIGH COST OF LIVING the State legislature is doing nothing about

  • NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING for the hard working middle class family

  • Putting TOURISTS over the LOCAL PEOPLE






EVERYONE KNOWS THESE ARE THE PROBLEMS, yet this State and the ones running it right into the ground, choose to DO NOTHING!

"Millions of vacationers come to PARADISE to get away from their realities...but for over 30% of the people who live here reality is living in HELL!"

What is beyond scary is closer to 50% of FAMILIES and INDIVIDUALS are one PAYCHECK away from DISASTER in Hawaii...If their car broke down or they had a medical emergency it's over for them! DEBT in HAWAII is ABSOLUTELY ASTRONOMICAL as 80 F@CKING % of all DEBT is in buying an INSANELY UNAFFORDABLE HOME! SAVINGS??? Forget one saves in Hawaii except for the super rich!

IF you don't have a BARE MINIMUM YEARLY INCOME of $35,000.00 for a single adult you can just pack up and get your tent ready because anything under that you'll be homeless before you know it. If you are a Single Parent with one need to have a BARE MINIMUM YEARLY INCOME of $60,000.00. Now that means YOU WILL BARLEY BE GETTING BY! On Oahu, a single person would need to earn $16.00 an hour to cover basic needs. A single adult with one child in preschool and the other in school would need to earn $35 an hour to be self-sufficient. That's 300 percent above the state's minimum wage!!!


I'm not going to sugarcoat the bullsh@t in this State...if anyone has been following me I have pretty strong opinions, but this is completely unacceptable to have a system setup for Individuals and Families that are essentially setup, right from the start, to FAIL!

"When you build a system of restriction and get people who are dependent and rely on a broken system...when you allow people the freedom to succeed and choose their own destiny without restrictions...most will flourish!"

When you stack the chips against the people from the start, you essentially are starting them from the back of the line at the club. Getting them to reach the front is going to be very difficult before the club closes. When you build a STATE'S FOUNDATION around the mentality to FAIL you're going to have many caught in the system and lost...those are the ones who give up after trying and trying and trying again, but never get ahead.

I personally know more people who are not only cheating the system here in Hawaii, but the Federal government just to survive! When you have to make a choice of feeding your family and having a roof over your head or paying the state it's fair share of taxes, permits, insurance and all the other red tape, a family is going to always side with the protection of their family. Today we have a huge amount of people living in Hawaii who are doing just that and if this pathetic Government and it's Politicians don't get that or see it...they need to get their heads out of their backsides!

Above is a disturbing image of MILLION DOLLAR HIGH RISES in the distance for Multi-Millionaires and Foreigners and up front all the local homeless who can't afford the cost of living...Many of which HAVE JOBS and CARS...their pay is just not adequate enough to pay the high cost of rent! AGAIN, one of the central issues here in Hawaii...LOW PAYING JOBS in COMPARISON to HAWAII'S HIGH COST of LIVING

If this is true and $16.00 for a single person would cover basic needs then minimum wage should be $16.00 an hour! Naturally small business owners don't want to hear that, but these would and could turn into life long employees and you wouldn't have that crazy turnaround most people have who pay minimum wage. The world needs to change and we need to change with it...

Hawaii is at a very unsettling time in it's history. We are losing ALOHA everyday...We are losing the MANA of these lands one island at a time...This can't continue because that 30% of Families not being able to afford basic needs is going to DOUBLE is we don't stop the bleeding now and that would be the tipping point. This State could never afford having over 50% of it's residents not able to afford basic needs and pay their bills....Then again...I did tell you the Oahu Collapse is coming and this is one of my warnings!

I see no change coming from those running this State and so this all comes back to why I started this Blog in the first place...Going OFF GRID. It all comes back to OFF GRID LIVING. Once you learn to take care of and sustain yourself you are not dependent on any system. You don't rely on hand outs from a system that is built to FAIL you.

NOW...Strap those balls on and take some responsibility for your life and your goals...put your destiny into your own hands. If you are OFF GRID there is nothing from an Oahu Collapse that can affect you, but do it now...Start your move to OFF GRID LIVING and remember...I have said this too many times...Going off grid today doesn't mean you are living in the woods and shitting in a outhouse with Pine Tree shavings...Living off grid can be a slow process one idea at a time and it can be pretty comfortable that you don't change much of your current way of life. YES, there will be change, but it can be a comfortable change. Going OFF GRID has changed so much heading into 2020. It's not your Grandparents kind of Homesteading or Off Gridding anymore.

Download our eBook and start your move to take back your one should just be surviving on basic one!

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