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It doesn't take much to change the way you think or the way you do things when someone tells you how to save money...We put a LIST together that COSTS YOU NOTHING, SAVES YOU MONEY and gets you on a SUSTAINABLE PATH toward going GREEN and OFF GRID!

What can people do to cut down on their plastic use and get them on a sustainable path...

We have made an easy list that anyone can follow...perhaps you have a small list as well. Anything helps when you make a choice to live a sustainable lifestyle.


Cutting down on PLASTICS in your Home:

1.) You don't need to buy bottled water. Hawaii has great water...just put a filter on your faucet and use that and put it into a more plastic bottles! On top of that get your house water might not even need a Filter, as filters have some plastics in them.

2.) Do you have a Keurig Coffee machine? If you do and you are using the one time coffee containers you are tossing a God awful amount of plastics into the environment...Get a reusable Keurig coffee container and buy your favorite coffee by the bag!

3.) No more Plastic Silverware, dishes or cups! Those Red drinking cups...yeah, best you stop using those as well. Buy either reusable bamboo Forks, knives and spoons or just use your traditional silverware and dishes.

4.) If you have the choice between paper or plastic always choose paper...most stores and food locations are using recyclable paper.

5.) BRING RECYCLED cloth or canvas BAGS with you to the grocery store and other locations. Do not use the Paper or Plastic bags if at all possible.

6.) Stop chewing all forms of GUM...Gum is Rubber and Plastic! DID YOU KNOW THAT?

7.) Choose glass or stainless Steel food more plastic ones.

8.) Use STAINLESS Ice cube may be a small thing to do, but trust me those plastic Trays crack, get tossed into the trash and find their way to the ocean.

9.) If you have a little backyard start composting your food waste...this will cut your Trash and use of trash bags in half and you can use the compost for your garden.

10.) No more disposable plastic Razors.

11.) No more liquid Soaps in plastic bottles...go back to bar soaps.

12.) Plastic Straws....Lets just stop using them. There really is no need for them and if you must use one, get some Pasta Straws. These are far superior to paper ones.


So there are 12 little everyday things we all can work on to start to get plastic out of our lives and cut the plastic use we currently use in half.

I'm sure all of you have many ideas also...Add them to the list and start not only saving yourself money, but saving the environment and getting yourself on the path of a more green and self-sustaining lifestyle.

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